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Thursday, April 17, 2014

TBT Throw Back Thursday This Day in History: Passover and Easter Holy Week to Resurrection

On this Throw Back Thursday, TBT, it is a special Holy week edition.  While, Holy Week is often associated with the Catholic Church and Lent, Passover is also being celebrated. And, one Holy Week thousands of  years ago, Passover had just been celebrated by Jesus and His disciples when the events that would change the world began to transpire.

The Jewish Faith remembers the Passover, when the Jewish people were freed from slavery. After God sent several plagues to Egypt to convince Pharaoh to let His people go, the final plague would do the trick.  The final plague came with a warning and instruction to the Israelites, to place blood of a lamb on their doorposts. That night, when the death angel arrived in Egypt, if the death angel saw the blood on the doorposts, he would pass over that household. However, grief came to the households of those without the lamb's blood, because the first-born son of each household without the blood was killed.

After this, Pharaoh let God's people go, free from slavery.  But, they wetre sent off in a hurry, with no time for even their bread to rise.  That is why God commanded them to remember Passover each year by purging the leaven (yeast) from their houses and not eating anything with yeast in it for 7 days.

The traditional Seder meal takes place during Passover, and each part of the meal holds a special remembrance.

Christians believe that the symbols of Passover pointed to Jesus Christ, who has fulfilled these prophecies.
Those of the Jewish faith believe that there is still a savior and an Elijah yet to come.

In Christian households this week, the Holy Week of Easter (or some prefer the term Resurrection Sunday) is being celebrated.  The week typically includes a Thursday evening communion service, which is symbolic of the original Passover that Jesus attended before heading out to the Garden of Gethsemane, where he wept and prayed that the salvation of mankind could transpire some other way.  In the end, He would be obedient to the Will of his Father, God, and be brought before Pilate, tried and convicted for blasphemy claiming to be the Son of God, and finally crucified between two thieves. Christians honor this as Good Friday.


Sometime before dawn on Sunday morning, the first day of the week, the Bible tells us that two women came to the tomb where Jesus was laid after his death. But, when they arrived there was an angel awaiting them who asked them:



Christians also celebrate Jesus' transfiguration and ascension into the heavenly realms where He now sits, on the right hand of His Father God, pleading for us and our salvation - For those who believe and call on the name of Jesus.

This Throw Back Thursday is a great time to remember your faith with special activities and devotions with your children and family.

Take a break from logging core subjects to give complete focus and reverence in jubilation to what Jesus Christ, our Savior, has done for us!



Friday, April 11, 2014

Fitness Friday: 5 Exercise Hacks You'll Wish You Knew

No time for the gym?  No worries. Here's five exercise hacks you'll wish you know, in a pinch:

  1. Did you see that parking spot right next to the door?  Clench your teeth, and let it go! Keep right on driving, and head for the far end of the parking lot instead. Those extra steps to the front door will give you a great exercise jaunt for free.
  2. Waiting, waiting, waiting - Floor 5, Floor 4, Floor 3, here comes the elevator. But, if you are smart; you'll ditch he elevator and head for the stairs. Your legs and lungs will thank you.
  3. Don't have time to lift weights? Don't even own a set of weights? No problem! Head for the kitchen to pick up some cans. Do a few can lifting before you prepare to cook a healthy dinner.
  4. Sitting at the desk for another night of overtime? No worries!  Do some isometric exercises as you sit. Tighten your muscles and release at least 10 times every hour.
  5. Standing in a long line? Don't let yourself get bored. Step in place. Don't worry about being conspicuous and looking strange. Small stepping can be done without calling too much attention to yourself.

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TOS Review: Curiosity Quest


I received two DVDs from Curiosity Quest for review.

These included:

DVD Combo Pack - Produce - $24.95

Curiosity Quest Review

Curiosity Quest Review

The DVDs are intended for children ages 7-14 and contained three lessons each, for six lessons total on the two DVDs.

Our impression of the DVDs:


Joel Greene ventures out on quests to discover answers.

Curiosity Quest Review   Curiosity Quest Review
Curiosity Quest Review   Curiosity Quest Review

If you ever wondered how are mushrooms grown, what goes into harvesting cranberries, how are oranges harvested or about orange packing - Disc 1: Mushrooms, Cranberries, Orange Packing is your perfect pick.

Curiosity Quest Review   Curiosity Quest Review 

If you are covering life science and want to know about sea turtle rescue off the Florida Keys, why penguins fly, or information about Magellanic penguins, the difference between king or pink salmon, or what is a sockeye, pick up Disc 2:  Sea Turtle Rescue, Penguins, Salmon

The DVDs present a perfect mix of fun and colorful information while making it interesting. The episodes are upbeat and fun to watch without turning it into a hyper fast-paced, loud show meant to entertain today's teens. Yet, somehow the shows are kept interesting and far from just a presentation of boring fact after boring fact.

How We Used It

Though, the educational DVDs are just as engaging during a regular "feeling well" school day - One morning my youngest daughter, age 7, woke up with a sore throat. After trying to do a math and reading lesson, I decided it would be a great day to pop in the Curiosity Quest DVD and have her cuddle up on the couch and just watch.  She ended up watching all 6 episodes in one day.

What ended up happening is that my older daughter, age 12, began interacting with the DVD as well, by answering the fun fact questions and such. And, I found myself impressed and learning information I had never known before as well.


For instance, we did learn quite a bit, first-hand, about sea turtles when our family took a trip to a beach house that had notices posted about when and why to turn out the lights. However, I did not know how penguins actually feel to the touch, one thing that sea turtles and salmon have in common, and I did not know how Florida orange growers keep their oranges from freezing during cold spells in the winter. Though, you'll have to watch the DVDs yourself to find out what we learned about penguins, oranges, cranberries, mushrooms, sea turtles and salmon.

What We Thought:

The videos are really well done. It doesn't feel like boring lectures. It feels like we have gone on a field trip without even leaving our living room.

The narrator was engaging and entertaining as he went from one locale to another, from episode to episode. We felt like we were there with him, without getting our hands dirty feeding the penguins, or mucking through a cranberry bog. Right there, in the warmth and comfort of our own living room, we were able to learn interesting facts - All the while feeling as if we have gone on the adventures right alongside the guide.

It is in DVD format, so any DVD player will do. It could be played on a computer or displayed on a TV. I put the DVD on to watch on our TV in the living room.

Joel Greene is the guide on the show, and he heads out on curiosity quests to find answers to viewers' letters of curiosity. If you are interested in something, send them a letter through their website, and who knows? Your curiosity just might influence their next episode of Curiosity Quest. Each DVD contains 3 separate quests for information about interesting facts.

Find Curiosity Quest on Facebook, on Twitter @curiosityquest, and you can subscribe to the Curiosity Quest Channel on YouTube.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

How Do They Compare: Homeschool v. Public School?

I came across this interesting infographic today. As a homeschooler, I found it quite encouraging. What do you think?

Homeschool Domination
Created by: CollegeAtHome.com

TBT Throw Back Thursday This Day in History: Titanic, Pulitzer, Salvation Army and Other Events

Last week, I decided to jump on the Throw Back Thursday bandwagon and post some historic photos of my family on Facebook.  When I was rummaging through old photos, the thought occurred to me - WHY NOT USE THROW BACK THURSDAY AS A WAY TO LEARN HISTORY.

So, here you have it! As part of #TBT, this Throw Back Thursday blog section helps to teach about This Day in History - An attempt to make history learning fun!

And, there's something for everybody.  There's science, math, language arts, history, art, music, religious studies, Bible, and more. Any historic event can easily be transformed into an entire unit study that fills up your lesson plans. Just use a little creativity, and explore the subjects that interest you and your kiddos the most.

This week, in 2014, Thursday falls on April 10:


This week -

On April 10, 1790, the US Patent system was formed. With this knowledge, it would be fun to spark a unit study on inventions. Be creative, and see what your kiddos will invent. Is it something that would be worthy of applying for a patent?

April 10, 1872 - The first Arbor Day was celebrated in Nebraska.  Celebrate by planting a tree, or creating artwork with tree designs.

April 10, 1887 - President Abraham Lincoln was re-buried.  That's right....  A second burial.  This time so he could be next to his wife in Springfield, Illinois. Lincoln holds a special place in my heart because I have a child who was born on his birthday. Studies about Abraham Lincoln are almost limitless.

And, if you like to travel and have the budget - Today would be a great day to celebrate the first hotel that opened in Hawaii, today in 1825.

One of the biggest news for this day in history:

1912 the Titanic left the Southampton Port on its maiden voyage, which would be its last. In reading about the Titanic on History.com, I learned some interesting facts. Of course, there's the obvious history lesson, along with:

Math - Determine dimensions of the Titanic, determine how many lifeboats would have been sufficient to save the entire ship full of people, calculate the coordinates at sea. Determine the estimated temperature of the water.  There is plenty of math to be learned from the Titanic. For the advanced, want-to-be-challenged: Design your own replica of the Titanic, by mathematically recreating its specs. For the rest of us...ENJOY AN ART PROJECT of creating your own boat. Create something as simple as a newspaper boat, or something more complex.

Science - Learn about icebergs and rescues at sea. Learn about the ocean life that would have been active in this part of the world. Host sink or float experiments using your created boats, or just use household objects.

Language Arts - Research poems that have been written about the Titanic. Look up old news accounts of the events, as they were reported in 1912. Compare what the public opinion was before the ship set sail, and how it changed after the sinking.  Read historic accounts, either online or from your local library.

More events that took place on this day in history (Throw Back Thursday), after the Titanic set sail, are as follows:

April 10, 1916 - The first professional golf tournament was held. (Do you like golf? If the weather is nice, take the kids to a mini golf course. Or, if you already know how to golf, go for a full 18 hole course.

April 10, 1925 - The Great Gatsby is published (If you don't already have a copy of this book, head for your local library to pick up a copy and get reading). It's probably more appropriate of a reading level and content for high school students, or possibly upper middle schoolers. Use your own judgment.

April 10, 1945 - Allies liberated the first Nazi Concentration Camp in Buchenwald. As historic as this event is, this could obviously spark other Religious Studies lessons as well as lessons from Science and genetics and what was once thought, by Hitler, to be the Superior Race through genetic selection.

April 10, 1953 - First 3-D movie released. But, it may not be what you want to show your kids. It was a horror movie, called House of Wax. The fact that a 3-D movie was released on this date, however, does make for a fun art or theater lesson. Celebrate by taking in your favorite 3-D movie that is currently showing at a nearby theater, or learn more about the art of 3-D viewing. Make your own 3-D picture, and don't forget the glasses.

Some Famous People Born on this day:

1829 William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army was born on April 10. This recognition of his birth day could easily spark lessons in Bible and Religious Studies, but it could also spur on your homeschoolers to learn about community service or even start a fund, used clothing, or can drive to contribute to the Salvation Army. Read more about his life on Wikipedia, and explore the Salvation Army website for more information. Here's what he looked like at about the age of 33:


1847 Joseph Pulitzer was born on April 10. You may be familiar with his name as part of the "Pulitzer Prize" for newspapers. Learn more about his life at Wikipedia. Locally, he has been associated with the St. Louis Post Dispatch newspaper, as depicted in this #TBT pic:


1915 Actor Harry Morgan (M.A.S.H. and Dragnet) was born on this date. While the TV show, M.A.S.H. is not 100% true to historic fact, it can be used to pique interest in real, factual, wartime events. Read more about Harry Morgan on Wikipedia.



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