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Friday, May 18, 2018

Five new words on Friday

So, I decided to try to see how far this goes with a Friday thing - I'm pulling five random words to explore. If you like it, comment to let me know so I know whether or not to continue each week.

For this week - the five words are:

Eschew (Verb)
Esoteric (Adjective)
Torpor (Noun)
Transitory (Adjective)
Monastic (Adjective)

Three adjectives and a noun and a verb this week.

So, what does it all mean?

1 - Eschew

To eschew something is to shun or avoid it.
...The child eschewed candy even though he longed to eat it.

Synonyms include: avoid, bilk, elude, escape, evade, shun, and shy

2 - Esoteric

Esoteric means known or understood only by a few.
...Only some understood the esoteric world of astrophysics.

Synonyms include: obscure, abstruse, or arcane

3 - Torpor

Torpor means extreme mental and physical sluggishness.
...When I tried to wake him, his torpor lasted a few minutes.

Synonyms include: languor or apathy

4 - Transitory

Transitory means something that is temporary or lasting only a brief time.
...As a Christian, our earthly lives are only transitory.

Synonyms include momentary, ephemeral, evanescent, fleeting, or impermanent.

5 - Monastic

Extremely plain or secluded, such as in a monastery.
...Many crazy days of motherhood, I longed for a monastic place to find peace for just a moment.

Synonyms include: self-abnegating, austere, contemplative, displined, or regimented.

If you enjoyed this, feel free to print the following flash cards:



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