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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Homeschool Review Crew - Guitar 360 Method

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I have tried a few times in my life before to learn how to play the guitar. I took a college course, but that was mostly just a humiliating experience. I also had my guitar-playing/guitar-teacher husband show me a song and was able to eek out Smoke on the Water using bar chords, but that was the end of that. Until I was given the opportunity to try this course to review the Semester 1 Bundle (including 5 weeks of Absolute Beginner bonus content + the 13 weeks of Semester 1) For their Guitar Lessons from Guitar 360 Method.

Guitar 360 Method
Guitar 360 Method




Guitar 360 Method

What is Guitar 360 Method?

This is an on-line guitar course. It teaches guitar through both learning actual songs as well as learning music theory. As the course progresses, there are online quizzes and pdf downloads provided to print as well as goals to strive to achieve.

Guitar 360 Method is a self-paced, online video instruction based course that uses a non-linear, Cyclical Pedagogy approach to learning which basically means everything you learn connects to something else you have learned. It's a very real-life learning experience. The words and phrases the course is built upon are:
Musical Confidence
Semester 1 includes 13 weeks of lessons. I also received Bonus material of Start Playing Your Guitar, which is an introductory course for beginners, and Bonus Song Lessons 1 and 2.
Guitar 360 Method is designed for a wide spectrum of skill, from beginners to those who know how to play but want a practical, no-nonsense approach to music theory to allow them to get more creative. While the course does not direct itself to one specific age group, and the instructor has taught children as young as 9,  it is recommended for those 15 and up and is perfect for those who want to be creative and learn more about music so they can play in a band, or on a worship team at church, or even write their own music.
As the lessons progress, there are clear goals presented for the student to attain as well as weekly quizzes.
Guitar 360 Method is accepted as a college-accredited course at Visible Music College, who is implementing dual enrollment for homeschoolers in 2019.

My insructor was Krisz Simonfalvi.

How Did We Use It?

I was given access to the 13-week course plus some pretty cool bonus material. I quickly logged onto the first lesson which suggested if you were rusty or new to guitar that it would be a good idea to first go to the beginning lessons on the Bonus Material. So, that's what I did. Though, I did manage to  go through some of the earlier lessons faster than one lesson a day, since I was somewhat familiar with the guitar, just not good at it. During the course of the review, I made it through all of the Bonus Material and began the actual 13-week course

So, here's the part where I become extremely vulnerable and invite you into my home to watch over my shoulder as I, basically a complete guitar newbie, attempt one of the bonus song materials - Journey's Don't Stop Believing. Don't judge my attempt at playing. Try to keep in mind that I am still in the early learning stages, so focus more on the lesson and the way it is being presented, please, because he's a really good instructor:


I really liked how there was on-screen clear diagrams as well as PDF downloads if you want to print them out.

What Did We Think?

So, I was only on the third video when I discovered some tips to playing to make it sound better. I'm still not a pro at guitar playing and haven't even mastered any of the songs yet, but I really did like the way the instructor presented the lessons. He was very easy to understand, demonstrated everything so I could clearly follow what he was doing and was so very encouraging the whole way through. I'm also excited to hear that they are expecting to be putting out more courses in 2019, such as Keys 360 Method, Drums 360 Method, etc.

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