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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Day 25 of 365 Days of Homeschooling FLL Lego League Robotics

Here we are at Day #25 out of 365 Days of Homeschooling, Some Days This is how homeschooling looks series. As you can probably figure if you've gotten beyond Kindergarten math - I am behind and will probably fill in the days by posting a few of our homeschool days at a time as I can.

So, here is Day 25 (not in any kind of particular order, as day 26 may actually be a flash back of what happened on another day). But, for the sake of this blog - here you go!

Robotics for the youngest...  This weekend was the FLL FIRST Lego League robotics competition qualifier. We ended up finishing 7th overall, but they did better than last year, their rookie year. This competition really puts the kids through a lot. There is the project board, where they have to come up with a project that relates to the challenge. This year the challenge was about water, and our project was about developing an app that would gather information about individual home water usage.

They also have a time of core values where the team has to build on-the-spot a solution to a problem and work together and then answer questions about core values of robotics - One of which I really like is called coopertition. It's where teams cooperate to help each other even though they are competitors.

Next, they have to discuss and show off the robot.

Finally, there are 3 matches where the robot competes for points as programmed.

The Legoes used are Mindstorm and are programmed using their software, which my daughter personally doesn't care for. She prefers working on the project board as the software is drag and drop flowchart style, and she prefers writing line for line when given the option.

Here are the pics:


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