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Friday, July 30, 2010

Five Great Baby Shower Gifts to make the new parents life easier

Expecting a new baby is a special time in the lives of a family. But, when someone blesses you with a special gift that makes the transition of bringing the new baby home easier, you thank them. In a homeschooling household, there is also the adjustment of planning the school day around the new bundle of joy.

Here's five gift ideas that will make the transition of bringing baby home easier for the new parents in your life:

Choosing a color for the new baby nursery, picking out new little clothes for baby, selecting educational and developmental toys that are best for baby - All of these add up to enjoyable chores new parents endure before welcoming a new baby into their household.  But, if you have been invited to a baby shower or know an expectant parent, what are the items that a parent truly needs for the new baby?  Following are five that will be appreciated and/or needed by every expectant parent.
For starters, a gift card to a carryout restaurant is a wonderful gift!  When parents bring a b... From: Five Baby Gifts Expectant Parents Really Need