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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Trick Or Treat Safety Tips

Many homeschooling families opt out of Trick Or Treating and either avoid Halloween all together or choose to attend a Harvest Fest party instead. If you do choose to Trick or Treat this year, here's some tips for safety:

Trick Or Treating through the neighborhood has been a Halloween tradition for many years.  Though, emergency rooms across America report injuries on Halloween night including accidents from trips and falls and pre-Halloween pumpkin carving finger and hand laceration injuries.  Of course, there are other possibilities of danger when you cover up a child, inhibit their vision with a mask and send them out onto a busy street to walk to and from stranger's houses to gather candy and food items.  Still, families continue to pass down this tradition.  If you plan on sending your ... From: 11 Halloween Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe