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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sound of Music Homeschooling

On Tuesday, December 28, 2010, Agathe Von Trapp passed away at the age of 97. She was portrayed as Leisl on the movie, 'The Sound of Music.' Her real name was Agathe.

When watching the Sound of Music, it struck me with how carefree Maria was with sharing her love with the children. Her education was very Montessori and hands-on, carefree as she assigned each one with a note and taught them how to sing by having each one pop up when their note was spoken. Then, she went down the line - Do Re Me Fa So La Ti Do! Eventually, they were singing beautifully. During that same day out, they tipped over in a boat, hung from trees and ran through the fields beneath gorgeous mountains. This, I thought as I watched it, is how I want to homeschool.

I want my children to know discipline, but I want them to know most of all that they are loved and they have a purpose in this life. I want them to have a love for learning. I want them to discover all they can discover and run through mountains singing that the hills are alive with the sound of music - Whether figuratively or literally! I want them to learn while they embrace life.