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Monday, February 28, 2011

How Do I decide what curriculum to homeschool? A brand new Website offers help!

ABeka?  Bob Jones?  My Father's World?  K12, Griggs?  Full curriculum?  Eclectic?  Which is best for me?  Which is best for my kiddos?  ...  If your head is swimming trying to figure it all out, welcome to the crowd.  Many homeschooling parents struggle each day to figure out how to teach their children.  Back in the day when homeschooling was new, there were very few choices.  Now, there are tons.  With many publishers coming on board to offer the homeschooling community a full range of curriculum options, it makes the journey easier in terms of having access to every resource your child needs.  But, this also makes things very complicated.  With choices, comes making decisions.  Are you making the best decision for your child's educational needs?  Do you homeschool more than one child with different learning needs?  Hand In Hand is a homeschooling Website that now offers reviews of homeschool curriculum.

This is a site homeschoolers can turn to to read reviews of other homeschoolers before making a decision and shelling out money to find yet another curriculum that disappoints or falls short.  Better still, if you have experience with a particular curriculum, you are invited to share your reviews with others to read in making their decisions.  Homeschoolers helping homeschoolers.  What could be better than that?