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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Got The Time? Take A Virtual Cuckoo Clock Tour at SINIX Korean-Made Clocks

SINIX World Class Wall Clock

Clocks are important to our daily lives. For a homeschooler, we find ourselves glancing at the clock often throughout the day. We need to see how long a particular subject took so we can log the hours properly. We need to know what time to leave the house to arrive at a co-op or a dance lesson or soccer game. If we are completely honest with ourselves, we might even admit to finding ourselves from time to time even glancing at the clock out of impatience or slight boredom as we patiently listen again to a child try to sound out a word in learning to read. But, did you ever wonder what goes into making a clock?

Wouldn't it be amazing to visit a clock factory and watch them being made? As a homeschooler, field trips are fun and make learning come alive. Sometimes, however, the places we really want to take our children are too far away to visit. That's when a virtual field trip, or using knowledge and our imaginations, can come in handy. So, come along and join in this virtual field trip of the SINIX clock factory in Korea.

SINIX World Class Wall Clock

SINIX Corp. is a company who manufactures specialized wall clocks. Located in Korea and established in 1998, the company became well known for their cuckoo clocks. Cuckoo and other types of wall clocks requires a lot of experience put into the intense labor involved. Building a quality wall clock is similar to making fine furniture and the SINIX factory is much like a fine furniture factory in the materials and equipment used. The finished product is, in actuality, a fine piece of furniture with a clock device inside.

Step inside the factory here at http://sinix.en.ecplaza.net/, and you will find SINIX Corp. provides a space that can handle all the processes involved in clock making. Starting with creating materials to cutting then onto assembling and packing, the factory is a sight to behold.

SINIX Corporation makes over 300 varieties of clocks including wooden clocks ranging from big grandfather clocks to small wall clocks. They still make cuckoo clocks and table clocks as well. They also make digital clocks. They offer wooden clocks and clocks that are a mixture of poly urethane and wood processed to have a walnut, ash and oak wooden shape. Some are even waterproof with a plastic case to be used on walls next to a swimming pool or sauna

SINIX World Class Wall Clock

You can now find their clocks for sale world wide under the brand SINIX. Their clocks are exported to Europe, Middle East, South America, Southern East Asia and beyond. And, yes! They still carve and manufacture their famous cuckoo clocks.
Thank you for joining the virtual field trip tour of the SINIX Corp. and their clocks.