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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

iPhone Space Shuttle Endeavor Pictures Go Viral

It's funny in our world what is ignored as mundane or uninteresting and what is passed around and latched onto with fervor. The Space Shuttle Endeavor that recently launched was more than just a space shuttle. Congresswoman Gifford's husband was onboard. Perhaps the pictures going viral is more of an indication of hope than of the actual picture: Hope for her recovery, hope for our nation.

Whether it was the interesting angle, science in action or hope that made these pictures go viral; the fact is that they are being seen around the world. The person who shot the pictures was merely living out her day, boarded a plane and then pulled out her iPhone at the precise moment to capture a view we seldom, if ever, have seen.

You can get a glimpse at the picture she took of Space Shuttle Endeavor taking off from her view in an airplane here!

The article is well-written and shares even more insight. Enjoy this little impromtu science lesson / Art lesson / Religious Studies Lesson / Social Studies Lesson - Whatever you want to make it. The story and the pictures are ripe for learning.

And here's a slideshow of the pics!

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