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Monday, May 16, 2011

New Generation Of The Truman Show Of Our Children

One of my favorite movies of all time is the Truman Show. Much like the Truman Show was an animated version called Bolt. Both main characters were nothing more than a character whose life was portrayed on screen for all to enjoy without their knowledge of who they really were.

Sometimes I feel as though I am the main character in one of these movies as I wait for a director to scream, "Cut!"

When my children were young, I used a baby monitor. When my youngest was a baby, I had the privilege of using a video cam. Even though it was black & white, I loved my video cam. Not only could I hear my infant when she awoke, but I could see her every move. We would put the monitor on the kitchen counter and the rest of the family would watch her every move until she awoke. It was reassuring that even though she was asleep in the other room, I could keep an eye on her. But, it also made me feel that it must be similar to how God keeps an eye on us.

True - God is almighty, all knowing, omnipresent and does not need a baby cam. But, it is similar in that He is always watching over us. Like a doting and loving father, He observes and cares for our every move. He gives us our breath and then sets a plan in motion for daily lives. While I don't like the thought of a perfect stranger watching me on the big screen without my knowledge like in the Truman Show or Bolt, I love the idea that I am always on "God's video cam." He will never let me out of his protective sight and loving care.

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