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Friday, July 15, 2011

7 Eleven Day and My Kids' First Slurpee - Really!

When I grabbed my camera on the way out the door to document the big event, I realized perhaps it was time to get a real life. But, that message hit home when I saw the look on the girl's face in the car parked next to me, with every flash of the camera. Her eyes sunk into me as if to ask - Why? Why would you take pictures of children drinking Slurpees? Here's why: It was their first, and I have documented most every other of my children's firsts in photos.

The other day was 7 Eleven Day.  We learned that the convenient store/gas station is named after the day they opened for business 84 years ago.  So, on behalf of the the big celebration, they gave away free Slurpees.  Well, to be real about this, it was more like a free Slurpee sample.  But, it was larger than a medicine cup taste-test size, so we did not complain.  The weather being super, blazing hot, helped to add to our satisfaction once we began tasting the ice cold treat.

I left the house knowing full well that I could expect to have 3 children bouncing off the walls from all the sugar when we returned. But, it didn't happen. See, this was my kids' first experience with a Slurpee. And, they really haven't even had much in the way of soda. It's not because I shelter them from the world by forbidding all forms of carbonated sugar. It's not because I'm so good at providing them with healthy foods that they never needed Slurpees. It's just because we simply never go to 7 Eleven unless I'm filling up with gas on the way home, and it's on the way. And, it's because I'm just not a fan of soda. So, I forget to buy it. It's true. If we host a family gathering at my house, I will forget to buy the drinks. I'm just a lover of iced tea, coffee and water. All other choices don't even cross my mind as an option.

So, we left with my children enjoying a brief history of how 7 Eleven got its start, and a new experience to their tastebuds. They all enjoyed it, with the exception of my 4 year old's slight brain freeze from drinking the cold too quickly. But, it will probably be next 7-11 (July 11) before we have another.

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