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Monday, July 18, 2011

What does 19 years of marriage look like?

Today is my 19th wedding anniversary (and, my 200th blog post)! So, how do you think I'm spending it?

I woke up early, started work (as usual) and then woke up the kids to take them to swim lessons. My youngest bounced out of bed and immediately announced: "It's a happy anniversary day!" She then ran into her room and proceeded to hand me drawing after drawing that she had prepared for the big day. When my next oldest daughter awoke, she did the same. She had prepared two necklaces for my husband and I - each one half of a heart that joins together like a Mizpah coin. My son, drew a comic and wrote a poem. And, my husband and I exchanged cards and a small gift.

What else did we do?

I took the kids to swim class, sat out in the shade on a 95 degree day (thankfully, not yet this hot in the morning). I then, came home and prepared an omelet and went back to work. My husband left for work as well.

Sound unromantic? I'm ok with that. Why? Because my husband is a die-hard romantic, and it's bugging him tremendously that he had to work on our anniversary. We, have by the way, planned a dinner out this coming Friday night. Also, we are planning a very long trip to two of our favorite states soon, and it will be costly, even though my husband will be working the entire trip by performing musical gigs along the way.

You may think this is a pathetic way to spend an anniversary, especially one just 6 years away from Silver. But, it's not because we lack romance that we chose to spend it this way. It's not because our love is dead - It has simply matured enough to be happy regardless of whether our big day is super romantic and luxurious or practical and sweet.

Happy Anniversary, honey! Here's to 19 more and counting!

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