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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fresh-Brewed Life Book Review

As a coffee lover, I liked the title of this book from the start.  But, I had no idea how rich it would be between the covers.  My life has changed for the better, thanks to Nicole Johnson's revised & expanded Fresh-Brewed Life book.  The book was provided to me to review from the Book Sneeze program, but the following is 100% my own opinion.

I loved the references to coffee, which the author intermixes cleverly.  Whether you are a coffee lover or not, this book will stimulate you to draw you into thought-provoking chapter after chapter.  Like sharing a good cup of coffee with a friend, you will discover truths that will change your life.  It, then, finishes off with study questions.  The book is not about coffee.  It's about enriching your life.  The questions could be used in a Bible Study group setting, or just for your own use.

The book was originally published 10 years ago, but has been revised and expanded as the author's life has been revised and expanded.  She shares it all, holding nothing back.  The book has inspired me to begin journaling.  It has also encouraged me to look deeper into aspects of my life to grow a deeper relationship with Christ and make the most of my talents.

From a call to surrender everything to God, to a deep talk about sexuality and beauty; this book will make you tap into your thought life as you align it to the desires of your God.

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