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Monday, September 19, 2011

Making Bedtime More Peaceful with Night Night Blessings by Amy Parker

Lullabies, rocking, and a last-minute drink of water are all part of many household's nightly routine.  Sometimes our drinks of water go on for hours.  Is your bedtime routine all you thought it would be?  Ours is not always the way it played out when I dreamed of being a mom - when I was just a kid, and my babies were nothing but cloth dolls with open/shut eyes.  It's nice to, every so often, take a moment and snuggle up with a good bedtime story. 

Night Night Blessings, by Amy Parker, is a sweet addition to your child's bedtime.  Filled with comforting, and praise-filled thanksgiving; the book is written on a level a child will understand, and an adult will enjoy.  Illustrated by Marijan Ramljak, the pictures are colorful, yet soothing - perfect for drifting away into a good night of slumber.  How about sending her off into sweet dream land with a blessing, and a prayer - a soft reminder that God is carefully watching all night long.

The book is 16 pages of rhyme and beautifully childlike illustrations that help your child connect the words to her innocent world.  It's sure to calm any night-time fears lurking in the dark.  It is a peaceful reminder of the happy things in your child's life.

The book not only draws your child into a peaceful night of shut eye, but creates a sense of rhythm and rhyme, an attitude of gratitude, and reminds your child that God is in control.  Who could help but have a sweet night filled with happy dreams after hearing this story read, while snuggled up in the lap of mom or dad.

I had the opportunity to review the book as an eBook on my Mobipocket Reader (for the PC - I do not have a fancy Kindle or Nook).  I do have a laptop, and the book easily downloaded for my review, from the BookSneeze program.  I received the eBook free, in return for an honest review.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a delightful book . . . and one that can be applied to multiple faiths :)