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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Attention All Homeschoolers: Do you Blog or Own A Business?

In my 6 years of homeschooling, I have discovered that homeschoolers tend to be independent, go-getters.  Often, we are even entrepreneurs and own our own business.  These are wonderful traits.  However, I have also found that even among homeschool support groups, we can tend to bring each other down rather than build each other up.

I have been going it alone as a parent and homeschooler since 2000, when my first child was born.  I have been writing online, on the subject of homeschooling, since May 2009.  I am a homeschool blogger who also writes as the St. Louis Homeschooling Examiner as well as on the homeschooling channel for Bright Hub.  I have also been featured and counted as a parenting expert on Factoidz.

It's time to branch out and offer what I can to pull together the homeschooling community.  I want to use my online presence to benefit all homeschoolers.  Here's what I am attempting to do - Will you join me?

  • I have added 2 new tabs to my blog:  Homeschooler-Owned Business Directory AND Homeschool Bloggers.
  • I want to add links to your family-owned business and/or your homeschool blog
  • To do this, I have started a very slight skeleton outline of a list.  Check it out on the above tabs.
  • Ideally, I would also like to feature each business-owner (to do this, I will need to ask you to submit a guest blog about you, your homeschool, and your business and/or blog.
  • Pictures make this more delightful.  However, I cannot use your pictures without your permission.  So, please provide pictures you are willing to display (logos, etc.) that you have rights to use.  I will only use the pictures for a feature article and as part of your ad.  That's it!  The pictures will go no further.  I just don't want a copyrighter, like istock, coming back to haunt me for using a photo that was not legally yours/mine to use.
  • It is all FREE TO YOU!  Really!  I want to just have a one-stop directory and connect with other homeschoolers along the way.  No other hidden agenda.

I am looking for homeschoolers who own a business and/or write a blog - From all states, and even foreign countries.

A special note to St. Louis, Missouri homeschoolers:

  • Since I write as the St. Louis Homeschool Examiner, I would love to feature each and every St. Louis homeschool-owned business on my Examiner page.  I will also provide a link (ad) on this blog, under the Missouri section.
If you want to be listed, featured, or both - Please email me @joyfulsoundsdj@gmail.com.  Please put in the subject line:  HS DIRECTORY/BLOG.  Thank you!

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