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Monday, October 17, 2011

Snowmen Movie Review: The Family Movie To See in 2011

Have you ever thought about snow?  It falls in the winter and creates so much fun - with snowmen building, making snow angels, and enjoying all it's amazing qualities.

Have you ever built a snowman, and then stepped back to watch it melt in the days that follow?  Snowmen don't last, but the enrichment they leave in our lives, like footprints in the snow, last a lifetime.  Oh, how our lives are much like that of a snowman.

On Friday, October 21, MPower Pictures presents Snowmen, a brand new movie for you and your family!

It's about bullies.  It's about friends.  It's about life, death, family and what matters most in the time you are given.

Snowmen is one of the best family movies to see.  Though, you may not think so as the movie begins.  An early movie tragedy leads a 10 year-old boy to get his dying wish - to break a world's record of the number of snowmen built in one day.  But, the day ends differently.  It has so many twists and turns that mostly happen during the last 10 minutes of the movie, that you'll be sure to want to stay to see how it ends.

The movie will draw you into the characters' lives, and leave you feeling as though you grew up and accomplished something big right alongside them.

Some of the characters will be familiar with names like:

Christopher Lloyd (from Back to the Future and Angels in the Outfield) who makes a surprise appearance as a care taker
Josh Flitter (from Ace Ventura Pet  Detective and Horton Hears a Who) plays Jason, a bully
Doug E. Doug (from Cool Runnings and Operation Dumbo Drop) plays Leonard, a Jamaican Dad.
Ray Liotta (Field of Dreams) plays Reggie,Billy's dad
Bobb'e J. Thompson (Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs) plays a Jamaican Kid named Howard
Christian Martyn plays a friend of Billy, named Lucas
Bobby Coleman plays the main character - Billy
Demi Peterson makes her film debut as Gwen, Billy's girlfriend

The movie is rated PG, but there are only 3 minor questionable words and no other distasteful moments.  But, it does deal with the topic of death.

I had the privilege to preview this movie as a request from homeschool.com.  I received nothing in exchange for this review other than the movie preview for the purpose of writing an honest review.  The above review is 100% my opinion.

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