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Monday, November 14, 2011

Real Moms Love To Eat Book Review

I'm ready to love food again.  I'm ready to have a love affair with my food like I've never encountered before, and Beth Aldrich's new book, Real Moms Love To Eat, is going to take me there.  It's not just another diet book.  I was sold when I read the description of the book.  However, when I read that the author studied under well-known experts (such as Dr. Oz), I couldn't wait to read more.

Let me start by saying that I have always loved food, and it wasn't until I hit my 30's that I started hating what food was doing to me.  I remember standing, swimsuit clad, in a line of sophomores and junior high school girls waiting to be weighed for the swim team.  Oh, this wasn't any swim team - It was a synchronized swimming team.  So, it adds to the beauty of the routines if we all are somewhat in sync with our weight.  As the instructor went down the line, I kept hearing her tell girls to lose weight.  She came to me, stopped, and shooed me away telling me that I needed to gain a few pounds.  Fast forward to college years.  When many were gaining their famous "Freshman 15" (the extra 15 pounds of weight that is thought to be gained the first year away at college, I was monitoring my weight by crashing for a week with only veggies when I would go up a few pounds.  This worked great!

Fast forward once more...Three  full-term pregnancies and years of living has turned my tiny waistline that fit into a gorgeous wedding dress years ago, into one I'm not so pleased with.  However, now my week of only veggies eating doesn't do the trick.  And, I cringe at the thought of ever having to stand in a line to be weighed ever again.  I want to do something about this, but I don't do well on starvation diets anymore.  And, I don't think they are healthy.  So, I've decided to enjoy my food again and follow the advice found in  Real Moms Love To Eat.

Real Moms Love To Eat is a new book, by Beth Aldrich, that is set for release in January.  January!  How perfect is that!  This is the time when everyone is re-evaluating their lives and making new resolutions for change.  Well, I got a sneak peek at something that I hope will change the way I look at food.  I got to review a pre-release digital copy of this book.  In exchange for the digital copy.  I agreed to tell you my 100% honest opinion of what is between the covers of this book.

Real Moms Love To Eat is a new book set to be released in January, but you can pre-order your copy and be entered for a chance to win amazing prizes here.

Let me start with, "I loved it!"  And, I can't wait to get started.  I'm ready to go out and buy my dark chocolate, which is a requirement of week 1, and get going on a new attitude with food.  The book walks you through a 10-part plan, offers a 21-day menu, and discusses food in a way that will make you feel like you're talking with a friend.  It is an easy read, packed with over 300 pages of valuable (life-saving) information.  You'll even learn helpful trivia, such as how to eat a pomegranate.

If you're still not convinced, explore Beth Aldrich's website, and join her and Social Moms in a Twitter party on Thursday, November 17 for a chance to win more prizes.  I plan on being there, and I can't wait to discover how this book will change my life, my health, my attitude toward my newly-formed enemy of food, and my waistline.

I was gifted from Restoring Essence Nutrition, LLC-owner of Real Moms Love to Eat, a free digital copy of the book, “Real Moms Love to Eat” and an entry into the prize drawing on January 3,2012,  for participating in this virtual tour and writing about this book pre-order contest.

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