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Monday, March 19, 2012

I Love the Libray

I love the library!

I'll say it again - I love the library!

Keep in mind this is coming from someone who, for the large amount of her growing up, absolutely hated the library. I did not care for reading, and librarians seemed to hate me. No, it's true. They hated me for some unknown reason.

Once years ago, one of my friends came along with me to return an item. She had books to return as well. So, we went in. She dropped off her books, and I dropped off my item. My item happened to be a vinyl record album. I had placed the inside record securely inside its sleeve and turned the opening so the album would not fall out. I received a reprimand that I had not properly secured my item the way the library required (though, the way they secured it was not secure in the least, leaving the record to come rolling out upon tilting the cover). As I walked out of the doors, my friend gasped, "librarians really do hate you, don't they?" It was true.

Because of this, I have been determined to raise children who would fall in love with the library. We began when they were babies. The library had amazing programs called lapsit. It was fun. Sometimes it was more like a circus, trying to keep a baby from crawling out the door or screaming. Lapsit moved into Time for 2's and then storytime for preschoolers. From there, we are fortunate enough to have an amazing library that has plenty of programs for school-aged children as well.

Despite an occasional crabby librarian who has it out for me, I have managed to raise 3 children (so far) who absolutely beg to go to the library. We leave with numerous books, CD's, DVDs and more. We even hit our 100 book limit once upon a time (to our shock and dismay).

The library is a life saver for homeschoolers. And, it's become a place I enjoy now as well.

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