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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Welcome Home to No Water

Welcome home to no water. No plumbing. Yes, limited potty visits and Limited cooking.

We just got done with many days out of town. We went with my husband/daddy on a music tour in Wisconsin. He performed many gigs while the kids and I enjoyed Lake Michigan.

That August morning we left went like this:

Everything was on schedule. The van was packed with everything non perishable and non electronic. The kids were still sleeping and we were ahead of schedule. I woke up to take a shower before putting the last items into the van and then waking up the kids. We were ahead of schedule.

Things were going better than expected. I was enjoying my peaceful shower which is often my only quiet time to pray. So I took a little longer shower than I usually do.

I finished and turned off the water but I heard a clicking pop. Uh oh!

The water would not shut off.

I'm normally calm in these situations but not this time. I ran in to get the help of my hubby.

With water rushing out into the shower/tub at full force, he went to the main shut off valve and turned off the water.

Now we were faced with a dilemma: do we call an emergency plumber early on a Sunday morning and delay our leaving time. Or do we pack up the Van and wake the kids and leave almost on schedule?

We took almost 45 minutes deciding that we would leave the water off (something we do anyway when we leave) and hit the road as planned knowing that when we return home we would have no water.

So now is the time we face the no water.

The plumber is scheduled for a non-emergency time of Monday morning. But we arrived home on Saturday evening. That left us one day to prepare.

It also leaves us with no water. No flushing potties and no showers. No washing hands and cooking. No after-trip laundry and no dish washing.

We have bought water so we can flush sparingly but so far have much to learn.

Meanwhile we decided since the plumber was coming anyway that we would address other issues as well, like a new toilet and two new faucets.

This means clean out two bathrooms and the adjoining bedroom and basement areas where the plumber will need to work. So I sent my two kids with daddy today as he is performing two shows and they will have a day with working plumbing while I and the youngest child prepare the house for the plumber.

If nothing else it's been a great homeschool lesson on water and plumbing as we camp out in our own house and thank God we at least still have electricity.

1 comment:

  1. Your kids are adorable! And oh, about the plumbing, I guess it wouldn't hurt at all if you would learn simple and basic knowledge on how to DIY to avoid having no water all :-)