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Monday, October 29, 2012

Head Spinners is exciting new book for pre-teens

If you’re looking for a book that holds the interest of pre-teens or tweens, ages 8-12, check out this newest book from author Thalia Kalkipsakis.  I received the book Head Spinners Six Stories to Twist Your Brain in exchange for an honest review.

The book is fascinating.  There are six separate stories that begin one way and sometimes end in a totally unexpected way.  From adventures of an unexpecting time machine to sprouting wings and flying or even facing losing a pet, this book covers a great deal of ground in an interesting way.

I found it refreshing to see stories that are adventurous and have a solid story line and even touch on important lessons while respecting the reader enough to steer clear of resorting to being gross or childish humor or downright dark side as found in many novels today.

Each story is long enough to provide detail that builds and creates a full story yet are short enough to read around a campfire or even as a bedside novel.  The book will make your children, and you as the adult, wanting to know what will happen on the next page.  As you finish each short story, you will want to know what the next story is about.

My favorite story is the first one, and I will let you explore to discover what your own personal favorite is.  You may even want to read each one again just to be sure.
Find a copy of Head Spinners at ipgbook.com, Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

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