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Monday, December 17, 2012

A Homeschoolers Look at the Newtown Shooting

The Mayans were wrong!  The world ended not on 12/21, but on 12/14 for 20 sets of grieving parents in Newtown, CT.

I hesitate in making a post about this shooting.  First of all because it is too much to bear the thoughts of this horrific event.  And, secondly because I don't want to exploit the incident.  But, I cannot stop thinking about it.

I have been numbed, tearful and have so many emotions on what happened in CT. I cannot get these horrific events of yesterday morning out of my thought and, of course, my prayers. I look down this list
 and 16 of these babies were the same age as one of my daughters.

I cannot imagine what Christmas morning, or the last night of Hanukkah will be/was for these families. This absolutely breaks my heart in two. ...

And, I cannot help but wonder if any of them would have one day met up with my daughter as friends, or even as her intended mate, but has now been snatched forever from this world.

When my children were born, I was told to never take one second for granted.  I have always kept that advice in my thoughts even on days when they push my buttons and I feel far less than blessed to be a parent.  I have always been beyond grateful to be a parent, from my miracle baby and beyond.

To my knowledge, I do not know anyone in Connecticut with children in Sandy Hook Elementary, but my heart grieves with these strangers.
My heart grieves for the kids who saw their friends die in a gruesome manner.
My heart grieves for Ryan Lanza who was initially blasted all over the internet as the killer when it was really his brother.
My heart grieves for the families and friends of the adults and the teachers who acted heroically.

I have questions, like how did this gunman get into the school? And, of course, I want to know why.

I want to know that if the gunman stole the weapons from his mother who was a teacher's aide at the school - What was a Kindergartner teacher's aide doing with a semi-automatic assault rifle?

I want to know what made the gunman finally stop shooting and turn the gun on himself.

And, I realize everyone is going to grieve in their own way and no one means any harm for their knee-jerk first reactions.  I understand grieving happens on different levels.  While some are still in shock and numb, in denial, others have moved on way beyond the anger phase.  I accept that, by giving everyone grace to express their grief.

I see posts responding to the tragedy blaming guns (neither bans on guns or laws for right to carry will fix this. The same day, 22 children in China were stabbed by not a gun wielding bandit, but a knife-wielding one),

blaming public schools (this isn't isolated to public schools. It happened in an Amish community, a theatre and places of employment in the past),

Some have said that events like this shooting is among the reasons why they homeschool.  I don't know if it's among my reasons or not.  But, I do know that it's not isolated to a public school, and I would be far less than humble to not admit that our children face dangers just because they live in this world.

blaming taking prayer and God out of schools (This one grieves me the most because I know a God who weeped on Friday.  And, to say it's because He was taken out of school insults those grieving parents who are solid believers in Christ yet chose to send their children to Newton.  If this argument about God were true, those children would have been spared.  And, there were teachers praying with their huddled terrified students, which may have saved their lives)

or even blaming God (God does not make evil happen, but allows it for reasons we cannot yet fully understand)

The truth is that this was an evil act committed in a less-than-perfect world filled with the need for the light of love found only in a risen savior. That's what I believe. This act of horrific violence grieves me, scares me, shakes my sense of security and feeling of safety and makes me want to wrap a blanket of peace around the survivors. And, we cannot let this man's murderous acts win.

If you have a child in your life - Take a moment to hug and kiss that child right now.

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