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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Snowman Cake Pop Decorating with Kids

Part of my precious time spent with my children this year has included decorating a Rice Krispee train, decorating pre-baked cookies and making and decorating snowmen cake pops.  The process of baking with children can be fun, but can also be quite a mess and frustrating.  You can find kits almost everywhere this time of year if you don't want to do everything from scratch.  I just picked up some at Aldi for less than $5 a kit, and the Rice Krispee train, I found at Sams for less than $10.

From trial and error, I have learned a few pointers to keep it fun.

The main thing is to prepare ahead of time.  These cake pops were interesting.  I mixed everything up and froze them and dipped them before allow my children to decorate them.  They did, however, also roll the chocolate balls to form their own unique snow men.

A stick didn't make it into the bottom of each one, which brings me to another tip:  Be flexible and go with the flow.  Whatever works for your family, sometimes steps can just be skipped and they still turn out fun.

We ended up with itty bitty baby snowmen in the mix that just added to the joy.

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