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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Where Does Learning Begin?

I read this morning, on my little daily flip calendar, these words:

The fear of the Lord (Yaweh) is the beginning of wisdom
Other translations read that it is the beginning of knowledge, and elsewhere, that all knowledge comes from above.

As a Christian who homeschools, this has to spur something inside of me.

I do not claim to be a theologian, though I will admit that I absolutely love every word that I can cling to that came from, whom I believe to be my creator.

This verse is probably the cornerstone of why I homeschool my children.  I do not wish to overprotect them all the days of their lives.  Please, I am not trying to create an environment where I have 30-year old single adults dwelling in my house forever.  Yes, I do hope my children find their hope for their own future.  However, I want them to do it with a solid foundation of wisdom.

If the beginning of wisdom, or knowledge, is the fear of the Lord; then that is where I need to start with my children as their first teacher.

I understand that the word fear is not a shaking-in-your boots terrifying sensation that comes from being abused.  From what I decipher from this verse, the word "fear" refers to more of a respect for the God of the Universe, for the very hands that formed me and my children inside our mother's womb, giving honor due to the only one who has the power to breathe life into my being as the Bible says he did when he formed Adam out of dust.

I honestly don't know if I do a job worthy of respect in this category.  Oh, I try.  I present Bible story accounts to them, I've presented memory versus, and I try to live out a life before them that is honorable and hopefully Christ-like.  Yet, there are times I know I fail miserably in getting them to understand that fearing, or respecting, the Lord Yaweh is at the very root of all of their understanding.

I think I need to make this my prayer for my children each morning.

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