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Monday, February 4, 2013

When I Was 17

This should have been posted over the weekend...  Better late than never - right?

A Facebook friend posted a really interesting review of her life at age 20 and her life now.  I liked it because, well, I really enjoyed reading about her life.  I didn't realize I was actually playing a game, and at the bottom of the post it had said "Like this post, and I will give you an age too".  Soon after liking her post, she gave me the age 17.

Turns out, it was part of a fun Facebook game intended to be a fun way to learn more about our friends.

I tried to post it to my Facebook page, but I guess I was too wordy or some other glitch popped up, as I tried a couple times and never could get Facebook to allow me to successfully hit that "Post" button.  So, here goes - I'm posting it as a blog entry instead:

OK - I was almost 17 in the pic (4 mos. shy of it)

At: 17 years old (an age I wanted to be ever since my older sister had turned 17, when I was like 8, and I looked wayyyyyy up to her).
I dated: a boy who, coincidentally, has the same first name as the man I married (but, don't confuse the two).  They are two very different people - THANKFULLY, I chose my lifelong partner to be the latter and not the boy I was dating when I was 17.
I worked: As a waitress in a little orange dress at West County Famous Barr's Coffee Shop.
I drove: My mom's (later became mine) 1977 red/white striped Camaro and/or my parent's 1976 blue Impala 4-door - whichever one was available when I needed it.
My fear: Rejection and making the wrong choices about my future (I was a senior ready to graduate high school).  I graduated at age 17.
I lived: with my parents in an upstairs bedroom near St. Louis.

I am now: Hanging onto my 40's with all my might.
I am: married (20 years - 21 in July).  We celebrated in Cinderella's Castle at Disney World last year.
I live in: Missouri, but dream of living in MI or WI on the lake.
I work: HARD at home.  For pay, I write for online sites and sell things on eBay.  For hugs & kisses and kind words, I homeschool 3 children and help run my hubby's music business.  Though, most days I feel like I'm doing a whole lot of everything with all the energy I have, yet doing nothing well.
I want: To be out of debt.
I drive: A Kia Sedona, which I am completely bummed that they are now downsizing, so when I'm ready to trade up to a new year, I hope they still have a full-sized van available.
I fear: Rejection and disapproval, though with age and many rejections later, I'm learning to care a whole lot less about what you think of me.

If you hit like or comment (say, I wanna play), I'll be happy to give you an age as well...

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