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Sunday, April 28, 2013

An Unexpected Shock in the Drive Thru

Is it just me, or has our society completely lost all respect for others?  I had a sliver of hope left for mankind - That is, until Thursday.

I was waiting to pick up my children, which in and of itself is an event that rarely happens in this homeschool.  My daughters had arrived safely into the van, and it was only my son we were waiting on.

I had promised the kids that when they were done with this specific event that we would celebrate with a hot fudge brownie sundae from Steak & Shake.  Since the girls had finished early, and we were unsure how much longer my son would be, I decided to swing around the corner to pick up the sundaes and have them ready for him when he came out.

This should have been a 5 minute ordeal, since the restaurant was just around the corner.

I pulled up to the speaker box.  They took my order, and then said to wait for my total.  I waited.  It took a few minutes, which was unusual.  But, I figured I'd wait just a short while longer before proceeding to the window.  After all, the voice on the speaker box had asked me to wait.

The woman in the vehicle behind me, however, had a different idea.  I could understand if someone becomes impatient and leaves the. line.  This woman had a different idea.

She left from behind me in line, pulled around me - And here's the part that shocked me - She pulled in front of me and proceeded to the window where she placed her order in front of mine.

Thankfully, the Steak & Shake employee made her pull forward to wait for her order after they allowed her to place her order and pay.

I was flabergasted!  I have never ever seen anyone butt in line so abruptly and blatantly like this ever before.

Is this the new normal?

is this selfish behavior now acceptable in our society?

I have seen more and more selfish acts like this in recent years, and my hope for mankind has faded.

I would have understood if she was having a hypoglycemic attack and needed food immediately, or if she pulled out of the line and went inside.

There I sat, knowing that my son could very well be waiting for me outside by this time, and I needed every precious second I could gain.

All in all, it worked out well for me.  I attribute this to God watching out for me, and not to the rude behavior of the guest who butted in front of me.

When I got back to where my son was, it had been a total of 12 minutes.  I pulled around to wait for him, and just after I put the van into park - He came out and ran to the van.  Perfect timing after all!

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