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Friday, August 2, 2013

Back-To-School Supplies List for Homeschoolers

As a homeschooler, I have often wished there was a magical list to follow for buying school supplies.  But, like many homeschoolers, I have had to wing it.

This has bothered me less and less as the years go by, and I grow more and more comfortable within my own homeschooling teacher skin.  I have learned what my family uses and what they do not use.

In the meantime, I have put together a couple articles that talk about what homeschoolers need in the way of school supplies.

One of them is here on Examiner - 9 Items that should be on every homsechooler's back-to-school supply list.

One of them is here on Knoji - Back-to-School Supply List for Homeschoolers.  When I first posted this one, a few years ago, I was surprised to see a comment saying that everything on the list was accurate - Except for the Bible.  I suppose if your religion is other than Christian, the Bible may not be on top of your list, but even if you don't follow its teachings, it is a fantastic reference book for parenting tips and is worthy of having in any classroom as it is intended to be used for teaching and for dispensing wisdom.

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