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Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Mystery We Discovered At The St. Louis Zoo

I took my kids to the St. Louis Zoo yesterday.  We went to see the animals, ride the carousel and the train and to enjoy other aspects of the zoo.  In the process, we discovered a mystery at the zoo.

We walked through the 1904 World's Fair Bird Cage.  When we left the cage, one of my children noticed that there was a coin stuck inside of a concrete post on the outside of the bird cage.

Upon further investigation, we noticed it is a 1965 quarter.  It was obviously inserted into the concrete mortar when it was wet and allowed to dry, affixing itself inside the concrete with just enough of the quarter visible for curious passers by to notice.

I have searched and searched extensively online to discover the origins of why this quarter is stuck inside the concrete brick post outside of the 1904 World's Fair Bird Cage a the St. Louis Zoo only to come up empty, finding nothing about it.

Is there a cute story behind this mystery, or is it merely the result of some child having fun?

I'm not sure I'll ever learn the history behind this 1965 quarter on display, but it brought about more questions from my children than most of the animal exhibits did.

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