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Friday, January 31, 2014

Who Is Your Fitness Inspiration Hero?


I've never been into super muscle building stars or even the latest and most trendy fitness heroes. I do admit to having worked out to exercise videos with titles ending in workouts of "steel" as well as having a certain admiration toward really fit people lead a workout session, like the guy who invented Tae Bo or a Zumba session.  There are, though, a couple of people who have inspired me int he fitness realm.

My fitness inspiration hero is probably going to surprise you.  Ironically, I suppose, he is also no longer alive.  Though, he did live to be in his 90's, 96 to be exact, and was pretty fit and active almost to the very end.

When I was little, my mom used to watch a TV program.  I don't remember the exact name of the show, but the guy on the screen did workouts using household items.

My mom used to work out in front of the TV with a dining room chair and various other easy-to-find props as well as floor exercises.

The fitness hero?  Jack LaLanne


You may have heard of him because he later developed a juicer with his name on it (and I have one of those, too).

I also have another fitness hero, though she is really not known in the fitness world. And, if you visit YouTube, you soon discover that her exercise workout has now been superimposed with Dr. Who scenes from some witty YouTube user.  Nevertheless, her workouts and her approach inspired me.

Her name?  Stormie O'Martian


Yes, she is more known in the Christian music or devotional prayer books, as she wrote books about how to pray for your husband, your children, etc.  She is an amazing Godly woman, and she made at least one workout video (yes, video) that included a childhood star, Lisa Welchel, who played on the show Facts of Life.  Lisa works out to Christian Praise music while Stormie leads the crew in low-impact exercises.

I really admire Stormie's version of working out because she brings fitness, along with every other aspect of her life, right to the feet of Jesus as she praises with uplifting music and works those muscles.  The encouragement she provides is excellent as well.

Who is your workout fitness inspiration hero?  Who makes you want to keep going to reach your fitness goals?  I'd love to hear about it. Blog about it, and link up below. Also, check out what other bloggers below have to say about their fitness inspiration hero.

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