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Friday, February 14, 2014

Fitness Success

What is working for me during my fitness journey?

This is a very good question.

On some counts, I am encouraged with meeting my fitness goals. Yet, on other counts, I'm highly discouraged.

I broke down and took my measurements this morning, and was disappointed that I don't seem to have lost much if any inches. I, then, made the mistake of looking up sizing charts to determine how much I need to lose to meet my size 8 goal.

But, I will not give up.  I am determined to ditch these excess pounds and get fit.

I started using a pedometer this afternoon.  My goal is to start with 10,000 steps a day. My first afternoon's rate reveals almost 4,000 steps.  But, keep in mind that was just for a few hours this afternoon, so I'm hopeful I can meet that 10,000 step goal...  And looking forward to slightly warmer weather so I can get out and walk.

Besides that, I am looking into some meal substitute shakes.  The problem is that I tend to not like all the sweet flavors of chocolate and vanilla.  I tend to crave salty foods more, and the sweetness just gets to be too much.  Still, I'd like to do one meal replacement or more per day until I can drop some weight.

Having said all this, my hubby seems to be under the impression that I look great!  So, we'll go with his opinion and move forward.


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  1. Glad your hubby thinks you look great! Don't give up. You will reach your goals and fit into that size 8. Have a great weekend!

  2. Sounds like you are doing great! I want to try meal replacement shakes too. I recently started a "Shaping Up For Summer" link-up, which will run every Saturday through May, and I would LOVE it if you wanted to link up your fitness posts. Hope to see you there!