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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

TOS Review: Science4Us.com Kindergarten Through Second Grade Science Curriculum

Science4Us Review
I was asked to review the Science4Us.com Online Subscription from Science4Us.com. I received six months free in exchange for my honest opinion, and I can't wait to share with you what I thought of this K-2 curriculum which I used with my daughter as her second grade science curriculum.
Science4Us Review
Science4Us Review second grade science experiments
second grade science experiments
How the Program Works:

I would explain the Science4Us.com curriculum as a perfect blend between interactive online games, video clip instructions, and on-screen evaluation tests all built upon a solid foundation of science textbook and labs work information.

This Kindergarten through second grade science curriculum is conveniently available to use online. It uses Flash, which is basically a background program that allows sites to feature animations and interactive graphics. So, as long as you are using a PC, Android, or have a browser that supports Flash you’re good to go.

I especially liked that my daughter could use her Kurio Android Tablet, so it made her feel special and in charge of her lessons.

Note: I always have my iPhone with me. Because of this, I'm always seeking out a way to access as much curriculum via my iPhone as possible so we can always have it available on the run. Because Flash programs are PC or Android friendly and not iPhone friendly, I have found a browser for the iPhone that supports Flash and tried out a few lessons on this Puffin Browser. It worked there too.

Bright Colorful Screenshot that's easy to work with one touch!

Grade/Age Range and Cost:

The program is intended for children in grades K-2. The price for this subscription is $7.95 per child per month.

Here’s what it looked like in my house when my daughter used this second grade science curriculum:


Science4Us Review second grade science lesson plans
second grade science lesson plans
How We Used It:

I logged on with my Teacher Log In and set up the second grade science lesson plans and assignments. It was super easy. All I had to do was choose between:

  • Life Sciences
  • Physical Sciences
  • Earth/Space Sciences

The program is based on what is called a "5-E Learning Module" that meets any Kindergarten through second grade science standards. The "5-E Learning Module" means it incorporates:

  • Engage
  • Explore
  • Explain
  • Elaborate
  • Evaluate

The assignments have three main components of engaging the student with cute videos or stories, note taking, drawing, and filling in charts.

It then uses fun interactive online games to help the student explore new concepts.

It then explains the new concepts with colorful images, video, and "Show What You Know" segments that allow for direct interaction from the student and immediate feedback.

It allows the student to elaborate with options, like:

Take a Note - Silly Bulls - Investigate

Finally, there is an Evaluate segment that essentially tests how well the student understands the new information before moving on to the next set of lessons.

All the while, the curriculum integrates math and language arts concepts to create a whole learning experience.

My daughter and I especially got a kick out of the "Silly Bulls" (Syllables) which took science words related to the lessons and had my daughter break them apart into syllables with the "Silly Bulls" leading the game.

I also really liked how there were segments that were consistent throughout, even down to using some of the same pictures, such as the same green and white striped sweater every time a sweater is mentioned; or, the same purple chair every time a chair is mentioned.

I helped my daughter log on, using her tablet, and then sat with her through the first few lessons to make sure she understood the format. It didn’t take long for her to be able to log on and complete the lessons without my help. Though, I still love that the program allows for me, as the teacher, to log onto my teacher account and review her reports and even comment back to her with encouragement. After she had used it for a couple weeks, I sat with her at my laptop to watch her complete some assignments to make sure she was still on the right track.

The Teacher Log In has a feature that allows parents to print out worksheets and student reports. This is really nice to have something tangible to print out, on a home printer, to keep for school records.

Science4Us Review second grade science standards
second grade science standards

The True Test - Did My Daughter Like It, and Did She Learn?

We absolutely loved this program. The online format was perfect for our homeschool style. I loved how my daughter could interact with colorful fun videos and graphics in each lesson and how I could get as involved or a little more hands-off as I wanted and still know that she is learning.

I also especially loved that I was not required to purchase expensive lab science kits, but my daughter still felt as if she was enjoying hands-on experiments through the excellent use of online interactive video lessons. With the more than 350 lessons available in this program, I am excited to see what she learns next.

Science4Us.com is on social media sites at:

Twitter: @Science4Us

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