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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Book Review: 7 Successful Home Business Idea Booklets to Get You Started Making A Living From Home

As a homeschooling, self-employed, work-at-home-mom, I'm always interested in improving this status and becoming more successful.  So, when Carolyn Woods asked me to review her latest series of Successful Home Business Idea booklets, I jumped at the opportunity.  All she asked for, in return, was for an honest review. So, here it is:

Each book is only about 20 pages long, so they are extremely easy and make for a quick, inspiring read.

I reviewed 7 books in this series, but there is also at least one more that I did not review that includes tips about household work style businesses.

Currently on Kindle for Amazon for .99 cents

This book is great to start with, because it is packed with useful charts and questions that will get your mind reeling about creative and profitable ideas for starting and being successful at your own home business.  This book is especially helpful if you are not sure which direction to go, or have limited ideas as to what you actually do well that you could turn into a business.

After you carefully analyze and consider your home-based business plan and how to budget for start up, you can then easily choose from the other six books in this series:

Currently on Kindle Amazon for .99 cents

If you are homeschooling parent, you obviously have children. So, starting with the booklet about successful home business ideas that involve working with children is a great place to start.  Maybe you've taken one look at the cover and thought, as I did, that it would only provide information about starting your own at-home daycare.  Well, if that's what you thought, you're in for a pleasant surprise. This book actually includes several extensions of the typical at-home daycare idea to provide some creative alternatives that still allow you to use your skills of working with children.

Currently on Kindle Amazon for .99 cents

Do you have a skill that would allow you to contract it out or act as a consultant?  Then, this book is the one to turn to. It offers practical tips and suggestions for launching a successful consulting home-based business.

Currently Available on Kindle Amazon for .99 cents

 Pets!  If you go by YouTube and Facebook alone, you will think that everyone has a pet to love.  We are not among those pet owners.  I had to laugh when I overheard a little girl once say to her mother, "We don't have any pets. We just pretend like we do."  I thought, that's a great thing to pretend.  I have allergies to pets, and while I love dogs and cats in other people's care, and I even grew up with cats in the house, I just don't want to be a pet owner.  Still, I found this book interesting as it presents several options for how pet lovers can turn their love for animals into a paid position. I also noticed a blog post, from the author, which said that at least one person who started a pet service is reeling in about $49,000 a year part time. So, even if you don't have a pet of your own - Consider this as a money-making option.

Currently on Kindle Amazon for .99 cents

This one I was excited to read because it is my life!  I have been an eBay seller since 2002, and before that sold at craft fairs. So, I am way too familiar with the business of shopping and crafting. The book focuses more on the shopping/selling aspect, and I will say that I was quite familiar with most, or all, that it presented. Still, I will vouch for the fact that it is all true information, from my experience, and will help you get started selling online if you don't already.

Currently available on Kindle Amazon for .99 cents

Another one that, as a homeschooler, I found interesting.  Beyond that, my husband receives roughly half of our household income by teaching as a guitar teacher at a nearby music store. Again, the information in the book is solid and sound, which I have found to be true through living it. I will also say, that depending on what you teach, this can actually be a lucrative home-based business career.

Currently on Kindle Amazon for .99 cents

Now, for the one that I am most familiar and was anxious to see if there was more to this home-based business that I have been missing, seeing as how I seem to work at writing and promoting my own writing 24/7 and still not making enough money to support a family. It seems, however, that making more money is possible, and the book lists several links to helpful sites - Some of them I had actually never heard of before, though they are now bookmarked for future reference.

Whatever your niche or talents are, there is a Successful Home Business Ideas book for you.

Find these and more of Carolyn Woods' books at Amazon.com.

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