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Friday, May 30, 2014

Fitness Friday: Stay Fit At Your Desk Office Orchid Cup from Personal Trainer to the Stars Fitness Flower Review

Keep up your fitness routine without leaving your desk. Sitting at a desk all day doesn't seem to make Working out and staying fit a good mix. Estelle Shaw, personal trainer to busy Hollywood actors, came up with a simple practical solution. And, I got to sample this new amazing product in exchange for an honest review.

 If you have no time for working out because you're too busy working, your worries have come to an end. The Office Orchid by Fitness Flower helps keep a constant reminder in view at all times. The Office Orchid is a cup that you can fill with water to keep you hydrated, but it doesn't stop there. It features pictures of a series of exercises that you can do right there at your desk, in your office chair while performing your daily office duties.

Follow the six convenient exercises pictured on the cup to get and stay in great shape. It takes less than 10 minutes per day. Fitness Flower wants to help you keep your fitness routine easily while checking off your daily to-do list.

Don't lose out on your planned daily workout routine just because your work day is jam-packed with a long to-do list that includes sitting at a desk. The Office Orchid by Fitness Flower is here with the intention of helping get you through the stressful day of work while also maintaining your workout.

The Office Orchid is a series of six simple exercises that have been proven to be effective. The beauty of these particular exercises is that you can do them in your office chair, at your desk.

The Office Orchid is a 24 oz. tumbler cup with double walls. Pictured around the outside of the cup are six simple exercises. The exercises are illustrated and presented by Greg Paprocki. Not only will you stay hydrated with the practical use of the cup, but you will be reminded of exercises that will help keep you fit as you sit.

Along with the cup, you receive a brochure and checklist as well as a bonus Office Orchid bookmark that includes six stretches you can do without getting up from your chair.

I found the cup to be a solid product that feels strong in your hands. It has a straw that makes it easy to sip water all day, and the pictures are really a fun reminder. It holds 24 oz., so at eight - 8 oz. glasses recommended water a day, that means that you only have to refill the cup about three times in the course of the entire day, and really only once or twice during long work hours.

The exercise reminder cup sells for $19.95 on the Fitness Flower website.

Also find Fitness Flower on Facebook, Twitter as @Fitness Flower, and Pinterest.

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