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Sunday, May 11, 2014


Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers in the world!  Though, I have to say it for those who are less than giddy when this day rolls around each year.

I will admit it - Today, I sit content and happy to arrive at this holiday.  Though, this wasn't always the case.  This day has not always been a joyous occasion for me.

I remember my first Mother's Day after losing, what would have been my third child, during pregnancy.  The day was bitter sweet.  I would go on to experience three more similar "celebrations" after losing two more babies in my womb.

The good news is that emotional healing does come if you allow it to.  But, I sat here thinking this morning about all of those out there in the world who are uncomfortable or downright angry at the thought of anything close to happy on this day.

Here's what I wrote:


To: Those who are giddy with the glee of welcoming a new life of a baby who will call you mommy!

To: Those who have a mother to hug and shower with love

To: Those who mourn a loving mother who has left this earth

To: Those who have a mother still living, but she is far from being called a "loving" mother.

To: Those who never knew their biological mother

To: Those who have taken on raising and loving children from another's womb

To: Those mothers who have lost or given up a baby from your womb

To: Those who cry and wait for the opportunity to feel a baby kick and move inside of them.

To: Those who grieve the realization they never will, or ever again, experience growing life inside.

To: Those who have held a living baby in their arms and later grieved the loss

To: Everyone who celebrates the day and to those who wish the day would hurry up and be over already because the pain is too much to bear!


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