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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

PDF Download Freebie: Must We Always Start With the Basics - My First PDF Download Freebie

I've started playing around with creating PDFs for learning.

I'm still in the beta stage where I'm just playing around with creating them, but I wanted to start a basic foundational place for my readers to find future PDFs.

So, I threw together a very extremely short brief PDF to get started.  It's a scripture, a graphic of a chalkboard, graph paper, and handwriting practice.  That's it!


So, if you're interested in a free download - Discover my first real PDF file called:

Must We Always Start With the Basics?

Enjoy, even though it's very extremely short and brief.  Hopefully, if all goes right, there will be more to come.

Look for more above this post listed under "Free PDF Downloads".

In the meantime, let me hear what kind of PDF files would help you along your homeschooling journey.


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