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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

TOS Reveiw: Kinder Cottage Publishing

Kinder Cottage Review
Kinder Cottage Review Kinder Cottage Review Kinder Cottage Review
I was asked to review "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" (Volume 1) and "When Peter Rabbit Went to School" (Volume 8) from Kinder Cottage Publishing.

These books sell for $4 each and are ideal for ages 3 through 9.

Kinder Cottage Publishing presents the Peter Rabbit stories in a ten-volume set, that can be purchased individually or as an entire set. I will admit that after reading the original story, and then seeeing there was more to Peter Rabbit's story, I wanted to read all ten.

Kinder Cottage Review

The books are really nice quality, hard cover and the perfect pint size for little hands. The illustrations are beautiful full color and enticing.

The books were written and published in America. They were originally written by Duff Graham for the Henry Altemus Company almost a century ago. Kinder Cottage Publishing has edited them to slightly modernize the text, such as changing words like velocipede to bicycle. None of the revisions change the meaning of the original stories, but they make it easier for a child to read and understand.

I received these two physical books, and I read them with my 7-year-old. I decided to read one book out loud with her, but to my surprise she opted to read the longer of the two books by herself. When she was finished reading the second book, I asked her what she thought of the story.

The first book was a cute little story about a rabbit named Peter who found himself in trouble, running away from a gardener, simply because he did not listen to what his mother had warned. 

The second book was about the same rabbit and his tales to tell about his experience with going to school.

I always love books about going to school, but I wonder how my homeschooled children view them since they have never been in a traditional full-time school classroom. They have been to co-ops and Sunday School, camps, and other school-room style settings. But, they don't really have the understanding of what full-time, everyday school is really like. Of course, with Peter being the kind of adventurous rabbit that he is, the book is more about his side distractions and what happens when he wanders away during recess. In the end, he appears to have learned a lesson. But, I have a feeling there will be at least one or two more mishaps before all ten volumes of his story are read.

She found it easy to read, the perfect size to hold in her hands and loved the beautiful pictures. She laughed in disbelief at the idea of how a rabbit could end up in a baked pie, which was really just a passing part of the entire story. However, it made her wonder.

We talked about whether or not Peter Rabbit had listened to his mommy.

I found "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" to seem to have been written for an early reader. Most pages have between three to five lines of easy-to-read text. Though, a few pages are filled with words from top to bottom. "When Peter Rabbit Went to School" presents far more words on each of the word-filled pages, with nice peacefully colored pictures after each page of text. The text is slightly smaller than the first book, and contains approximately 15 lines of text on each text-filled page, making it more on the level of a pre-chapter or chapter book style.


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