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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Homeschooling When You Don't Like to Read

Recently, it's becoming more and more clear how much out of the loop I can be even among the "odd". See, I'm a homeschooler, but I've never really truly ever liked to read - Let along, enjoying literature or anything of the like.

I have a son, who even though he read fluently at age 3, now hates books.  Sigh!

Thankfully, my oldest daughter lives, breathes, and eats reading.  Ahh!

My youngest is on the fence.

So, how do I homeschool when I don't like to read, nor does one of my children?

First - When my kids were little, I was determined that they would not have an aversion to the library that I had as a kid and a teen. It was a struggle for me to sit down and read. It's not because I couldn't read - It was because most books just plain bored me....  Still do.

I hear friends talking about all the great literature they are sharing with their children, and I cringe in my seat hoping not to be noticed as they speak.

The first book I ever really enjoyed reading was not until I was in 10th Grade. It was Huckleberry Finn. But, honestly, I'm not really sure I even want my kids exposed to that book (sorry Huck Finn fans).

I don't like the Hobbit
I don't like romance novels

I just don't like fiction....  I suppose I'm just too much of a realist to dream, even through the pages of a book.

I want truth and books that are real.

Am I alone on this?

It's ok if I am.

For my non-book loving boy, I dance around finding curriculum that holds his interest.

But, the bottom line is that fine literature is great, but it's not the only way to learn. Just because I don't enjoy reading, nor does my son, doesn't mean we are not learning. In fact, I absolutely love to learn. I read much every day. I just don't enjoy it.

Still, we make our treks to the library, while I revel in my daughter's love for something that always fell short at holding my interest. I also hold out hope that my youngest will catch the shirt tail excitement of her older sis.

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