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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

TOS Review: My Student Logbook

My Student Logbook Review
I was so excited to learn that I would be reviewing a planner called My Student Logbook, with dates pre-printed on the pages, from a company with the same name as the product, My Student Logbook.

The student log books are ideal for students in Grade 2 and up for the student to understand how to take charge of keeping track of their own hours. But, it really could be used by an adult for younger students. The books sell for $15 with your choice of cover design, or $10 with no cover design as a PDF file for a one-time printing license. Or, for $20, you receive a PDF version family license with no cover design that you can print as many copies as you need.

My Student Logbook Review

Fist of all, my daughter was so very excited when she saw that the cover had horses on it. She loves horses. So, I knew I had chosen the right child to help me review this product. There are several other options for the book cover if you're not as into horses as my daughter.

I have been homeschooling since my, now Freshman in high school-aged, son began learning. Through the years, I have used different methods of logging that seemed to work well until my other two children began learning, and my attention was split. Suddenly, I had more logged hours to keep track of, and the program I was using on my computer went out of service and obsolete when my computer crashed a few years back. Since that time, I have been struggling to find a good way to log that works for my family, and I've been wanting my growing children to take charge of their own record keeping to some degree.


I was so delighted to discover that My Student Logbook is exactly what we have needed!

This will be the last log book you ever want to buy, because it will meet all of your needs. It was designed by a homeschooling family, and you can really tell they have had experience logging hours by the way they understand the process and have simplified this otherwise tedious task.

It even has a section that explains how to turn the logbook into a high school transcript.  Wahoo! My new overwhelming task just became so simple! I almost can't believe it!

It opens up with instructions on how to set it up. It's really very easy, but you will be amazed if you're like me. Just tear out the log page in the front of the book, cut off the edge to make it smooth, fold it over, and tape it to the back of the first page.  From then on, all you do is tuck the new page underneath, week by week. The student looks at the log and immediately knows what needs to be done each day, and when the work is complete, he or she simply checks it off. You may also write how many lessons you completed or include a grade for a test.

My Student Logbook Review

My Student Logbook also makes a great little keepsake memory book that grows along with your child. Just file it away at the end of each year, and you have your own personalized journal of sorts for each child as well.

The back of the book has sheets that personalize the book. They include:
  • About Me Page
  • Tests Taken and Grades Given
  • Books Read
  • Bible Verses Memorized
  • Field Trips
  • Prayers and Goals

I have absolutely fallen in love. this log book makes it so easy. Everything to do each day is right there listed, and all your student has to do is check off what they did each day.

You can order the logbooks either pre-dated or not dated. The logbook I received to review with my 2nd Grader was dated, starting with August 2014 through July 2015. This is perfect for us, because our school year starts in August.

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