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Monday, November 3, 2014

Book Review: VeggieTales 'The Mess Detectives and The Case of the Lost Temper''

I was asked to review this book from ZonderKidz as part of the Booklook Blogger program in exchange for my honest review.

If you are a fan of the classic Big Idea Veggie Tales videos, yes back when video cassettes were still a thing, but still loved today on DVDs or digital format - Then, you will appreciate this easy-to-read book.

The book is an "I Can Read!" Beginning 1 Reading level book. It is paperback and 32 pages of easy-to-read text. It is "The Mess Detectives and The Case of the Lost Temper" by Karen Poth a VeggieTales book from ZonderKidz.

The book is written in the style of a classic Sherlock Holmes style mystery, only it's VeggieTales style, so it's not scary in the least.  Bob and Larry get a call about a door being slammed.

Fearing, someone has lost their temper, the pair send off to investigate. In the course of the investigation, Bob learns a valuable lesson about his own attitude and temper.

Of course, the two have to express some typical VeggieTales antics, so be prepared to see Bob and Larry the Cucumber dressed up in out-of-character costumes.

The book is one of the several in the VeggieTales series of I Can Read books. The I Can Read is broken down into:

My First - Emergent readers
1 - Simple sentences for eager new readers
2 - For developing readers
3 - For Confident readers
4 - Chapter books

This book is classified as a Level 1, which I think is quite appropriate. The book is easy for a parent to sit down and read as a bedtime story or for an early reader to sound out the entire story.

Not only that, but the child will learn a valuable lesson about tempers and why it's important not to fly off the handle and lose his or her temper.

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