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Thursday, February 5, 2015

5 on the Fifth - Favorite Blog Posts January 2015

Are you up for a challenge? I just found out about a challenge to post once a month - 5 of my favorite blog posts that I've read during the previous month - And, to post them on the Fifth of each month. So, here goes:


If you're going to celebrate a holiday about hearts and love, it's quite appropriate to insert Bible verses as well.  myjoyfilledlife.com delievers a wide away of Scripture-based printables for Valentines Day. There are cards for your spouse, cards for kids, and my favorite is the peacock craft.


Photo from STEM post in Mastersindatascience.org

Is your kid into technology? I have a son who literally eats, sleeps, breathes, and talks nothing but CODING and GAMING. So, when I came across this list of more than 200 STEM online sites, posted by Mastersindatascience.org - I about fell off of my chair. So, cool - What a nice resource to save and always have on hand to check out a new site every day/week, etc.


Photo from Embarkonthejourney.com

Embarkonthejourney.com has a February holiday freebie! Chinese New Year 2015 is February 19. Now, I'm not into astrology and mysticism, but I love Chinese food, and it's interesting to learn about cultural traditions. Grab your own FREE Printable download. All you have to do is enter your name and email, and it is then emailed straight to your inbox.


What a brilliant ideas - Not only do you see how to make this amazing dish, but you can still take part in an online Pampered Chef party through February 15, 2015 at thenaturalhomeschool.com.  When we're not eating Chinese food, we are potato junkies. This twist on a traditional taco recipe is right up our alley - Especially with the delicious (insert - "I crave them") avacados!


This Day in History post about Benjamin Franklin, even though from 2014, is still amazing from Elephantearslearning.com. The quote graphics are fantastic!

Come and join in the fun by writing your own 5 on the Fifth blog post. Grab the button below by clicking on it for instructions, and link up here:

5 on the Fifth

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