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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Only STEM Resource Guide You Need

Is your kid into technology? I have a son who literally eats, sleeps, breathes, and talks nothing but CODING and GAMING.

We realized that this is my son's interest, and that he is good at it. We also realize that it can be quite a costly field to explore. So, we have had one major rule in our house:

If the lessons or download is FREE - You can have it!

Because of this, my son has become very amazing at finding freebies and deals when companies offer free trials or outright free open-source software.

When I came across this list of more than 200 STEM online sites, posted by Mastersindatascience.org - I about fell off of my chair. So, cool - What a nice resource to save and always have on hand to check out a new site every day/week, etc.

I think it's pretty much the only STEM Resource Guide you will ever need (that is, before technology changes rapidly and new technology comes onto the playing field). But, it's certainly chock-full of enough material to get you started.

STEM Resources for Homeschool

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