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Friday, March 27, 2015

TOS Review: 'Thick as Thieves' Book by Susan K. Marlow

Thick as Thieves Book Review

I was thrilled to get a chance to review Susan K. Marlow's newest book, "Thick as Thieves" from Kregel Publications. This latest book in the series is a Circle C Milestones book.

What is Thick as Thieves?

"Thick as Thieves" is one of the newest books from the Circle C Milestones level, intended for readers 12 years of age and up. The levels building up to the Circle C Milestones level are:
  • Circle C Beginnings for ages 6-9
  • Circle C Adventures for ages 9-14
  • Circle C Milestones for ages 12+

Circle C Ranch is set in California during the 1800s. There are several books within the Circle C series that grow up with the main character, Andrea who is called Andi.

"Thick as Thieves" follows the main character, Andrea Carter, into her teen years as a girl growing up during the 1800s in California on a ranch. The story is a fun adventure that pulls the reader into the time period of the story to learn a bit of history while taking in the excitement of the story of some outlaws that turn from rustling Circle C cattle to stealing horses and a girl named Andi trying to get to the bottom of the mystery of who is responsible for the missing horses, namely her horse Taffy's missing foals.

We received a 176-page paperback book to read, and we also used the 40-page downloadable Study Guide.

My daughter's synopsis of the story is as follows:

The book is a story about a girl named Andrea, nicknamed Andi, who lives in the 1800s. The action begins with surprising story twists when Andi's mare gives birth to twin foals, which is rare and dangerous, so her brother has to help the foal survive. Entering the picture are cattle and horse thieves. They keep stealing cattle in the area, but one night, they steal her twin foals. In school, Andi meets a girl named Macy who lives in a family who doesn't believe in Jesus, and her family is filled with rough characters. This girl helps Andi attempt to get the foals back but takes Andi on some scary adventures in the meantime.
In the end, the story is really about friendship, selflessness, and compassion.

The study guide offers a rich collection of questions and activities, like crossword puzzles, to follow along, bring the story to life, and to enrich the actual book for further and in-depth learning.

It covers information about:
  • Foaling
  • Vocabulary words associated with the story
  • Synonyms and Antonyms, verbs, adjectives, idioms, and more
  • Math problems included on a quiz, "Are You Smarter Than an 1880s Eighth-Grader?"
  • A Venn Diagram on cattle rustling
  • Historical information about landmarks in California
  • So much more...

How Did We Use It?

I handed the book to my horse-loving, thrives-on-reading, newly turned 13-year-old daughter. I, then printed out the study guide sheets for her to use and discuss. She read the book in just a couple days' time, and began work on the study guide shortly after finishing the last chapter.

What Did We Think?

My daughter absolutely loved the story in the book and asked if we could order the other books in the series. I was impressed how she actually learned a few things as well. I noticed as, in general conversation, she would begin to use terminology or facts that she learned from the book - Such as what makes the horse a colt or tidbits of historical information about the 1800s and ranching.

Find out more about Circle C Milestones and other books in the series by visiting Facebook or Twitter.

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1 comment:

  1. I'm so glad your daughter not only found Thieves a fun read, but it could even count as "school." :-)
    Isn't it great when we homeschooling moms find extra stuff to stretch the book and teach too?
    thanks for the nice review!