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Friday, April 3, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up - Easter, OLSATs and Ice Cream

And, now I shall attempt our second Weekly Wrap-Up. This could become a habit.

This week started with my son, the oldest child but last of the bunch to finish, taking and finishing his OLSAT standardized test. I promptly packaged it up and sealed it, and then I rushed out the next day to send it off to await results and not a moment too soon for my youngest who becomes so tense while testing that she actually broke two pencils - Not out of anger, but just pure stress.  I'm rethinking whether or not she will take these tests next year.

While my son was finishing his testing, it gave me some time to work with my youngest on some fun upcoming reviews.

My oldest daughter is suffering from allergies and has a raspy voice, but it was still pretty much school as usual in part but a much, much lighter load and mostly only textbook work on Monday with the latter week being more reading. Oh, did I mention I picked up most of her 18-book/DVD requests from the library?  I am constantly impressed with my 13-year-old daughter's desire to achieve her best. This week, she impressed me that among her library books were titles like "A Diary of Anne Frank".

As part of writing for Examiner, I run across news all the time.  One of my many titles is the St. Louis Frugal Living Examiner, so I also run across special deals. This time, I discovered that Baskin-Robbins is celebrating their 70th anniversary, so we joined in the fun with $1.31 ice cream scoops on Tuesday - The 31st (get it?) - 31 derful flavors, celebrating on the 31st.

So, now it brings up to Good Friday and the start of Easter weekend. We start it off with a follow-up eye visit for both my daughter's new contacts and my son's new glasses fitting. After that, we plan on dying eggs, have an egg hunt and attend Sunday services. But, the real joy of Easter comes in the resurrection that gives us hope. And, this hope does not disappoint!

Weekly Wrap-Up

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  1. My son stresses on tests too. This week we were working on a review and because it was a timed test he was freaking out... Thankfully I figured out how to hide the timer :) We are loving the cursive writing here too! Have a great weekend and have a blessed Happy Easter!