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Friday, May 29, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up - Summer Has Begun

This Weekly Wrap Up begins with the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. We had a nice weekend with the family, though daddy had to work part of it. We still managed to get the bikes out of the shed and take our first bike ride of the season, put out the flag, and eat fried chicken, watermelon and some amazing sparkling lemonade we picked up at Aldi.  We played Scribblenauts and SIMS with my son for family game night, and I introduced the kids to the Game of Life (my all-time favorite game, though this is the newer version that is slightly different than the original game I grew up playing). We went to church on Sunday, and I got a bit more done on overhauling our basement. The kids have assigned a SIMS character to my husband and are re-enacting our meeting and young dating life. We have come to really look forward to this time as a family. The SIMS game has provided a way to take our children down memory lane in an innocent way. It is also a really good way to help teach teens how the working world really works.

For the most part, the kids are completely done with school for the year, though my daughter has one more dance class before summer and there are a few TOS Reviews. Other than that, our summer usually consists mostly of PE credit hours and often a lot more history than we ever learn in books, when we travel. But, it doesn't entail completing textbooks. It's a funny thing, though.  The kids seem to learn so much more when we are not officially "doing school". Still, you can often see me busily tracking any and all learning in my log book throughout the summer months, especially when we are on tour.

Since Monday was Memorial Day, and I already covered that fairly well in the opening paragraph, I'll start this Weekly Wrap-Up detailed days on Tuesday, May 26, 2015.

Tuesday - Whew! What a catch-up day I took the entire weekend off, starting something during the day on Thursday, and do I ever pay for days off in the form of hours of catching up on emails and assignments and such. My daughter and I still managed to workout on our new-to-us, newly set up treadmill in the workout room that I recently made into a fairly nice area of our basement - Vacuumed and everything. We also went on a family walk after John got home. The weather turned out to be nicer than expected.  We weeded the garden and picked our first harvest.

Wednesday - My older daughter's last dance class of the season at the new studio. While we will most likely return in the fall, I'm waiting for her to decide after she attends a camp I have her signed up with at a different place that also offers dance. We really have liked these last couple of months, though. The new studio is a perfect fit for her. Last week, she worked on a lyrical piece. She has never done lyrical before. She absolutely loved it.

Thursday - We are off to see the wizard! The girls and I got tickets to see a local theater group's performance of The Wizard of Oz. We are so excited! A friend of my daughter's is in the production. With the weather forecast, though, we are hoping we are not literally swept up inside a tornado on our way to see the play.

This weekend should be a fairly quiet one, though we are planning on a family bike ride on the K-T Trail, an old railway line that was turned into a state park years ago. Sunday will bring another opportunity to go to church, and then we begin June. It seems like June is coming awfully fast this year. It's the only month I have to really focus on selling stuff on eBay and around the Web so that I have money to go into our summer trips when I cannot sell, because I cannot ship an item that is back home several hundred miles away. So, come on June.  May God bless this month.

Weekly Wrap-Up

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