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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fitness Challenge - 30 Days and One Mile

After I successfully accomplished my first fitness goal in mid-May of 20 minutes of treadmill walking every day for 20 days, I decided on my new goal: 30 days and one mile.

What does that mean?

Every day in June, I am walking the treadmill until I hit 30 minutes and have walked one mile. So far, so good!

I also added another piece of workout equipment and am working to rearrange our newly set up workout room so I can also set up the Ab Circle Pro again to use. But, that may be awhile before that happens. So, for now I am doing this every day:

30 minutes on Treadmill
1 Mile on Treadmill
30 reps on Trim Rider (sort of like an upright rowing machine)
30 front pull downs on the arms weight machine
30 backward pull downs on the arms weight machine
30 crunches
30 Waist Twists
30 Side Bends
Stationary Bike for as long as I feel like it, basically.

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