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Monday, December 21, 2015

Scott Family Christmas Letter 2015



This year seemed to fly by faster than any other. A few highlights of our year was: 

  •  John's band reunion concert in April with his former band, called Network. 

  •  Besides the working tour, we also got to enjoy a couple days in Middleton, WI to attend an American Girl Doll warehouse charity sale and then a few days in Minnesota as an actual vacation. We saw the Mall of America, got to visit Barbie's Dream House and the Mary Tyler Moore Statue in Minneapolis, and stayed at the hotel which houses the Waterpark of America. It was up the street from IKEA, so we enjoyed learning about that amazing store just in time to welcome a brand new IKEA to our city. 

  •  a 5-week musical tour to Wisconsin and Michigan where we went across the Upper Peninsula and got to visit Mackinac Island, where we had spent our honeymoon in 1992. We also saw Door County, climbed the Sleeping Bear Dunes and the Holland Dunes in MI, saw three Great Lakes and plenty of beautiful lighthouses. Please enjoy some highlight pics from our tour (later in the blog).

A little bit about each of us:

JOHN continues to love entertaining. By the end of the year, he will have performed 282 total shows in 2015 - 240 local shows plus 42 shows he did during the five-week tour. He spent a large part of this year working with former band mates for the Network band reunion and is currently working on a reunion with another band he was in, called Souvenir. He also worked hard on booking and growing his solo career. He still teaches guitar lessons part time as well, four nights a week and plays on the worship team at church. In addition to performing a memories show filled with classic standards like Sinatra or Michael Buble', he also performs a separate show at restaurants and hopes to get back into performing more weddings this year. He has teamed up with some musician friends to offer a duet, trio, or band as well that is in the works.

TERE continues to educate the three children at home, last year diving into the world of high school transcripts. She also writes for CBS local and various other websites, usually as a ghost writer but with an occasional byline mentioned, blogs at Puddle Jumping, maintains 8 separate social media pages, and is a curriculum reviewer for The Old Schoolhouse magazine. She has made a huge dent in selling the contents of our basement on eBay, Amazon, and Totspot. She also still loves dabbling in photography and capturing interesting pictures to share. She also set up a workout room in the basement and set up the treadmill we got off of Freecycle. Her goal was to make it to the top of the very steep Holland MI dunes while on tour. With a lot of work, using hotel workout rooms and whole lot of prayer for stamina, she was thrilled to reach the top, as seen in this pic. Though, the steepness and height of the dune just pales behind the camera lens.

GRAHAM – Age 15 / 10th Grade – Continues to be our computer genius, with his emphasis on coding and his favorite coding language as C#. He very much enjoys gaming and has a YouTube channel under the name Radfordhound, which he is working toward getting sponsored to make income off of his talents. He also helps John with transfering music to his iPad and scanning worship charts. He began his second year with the Channel Cats, a local Robotics Team with FIRST and went to competition at the Chafeitz Arena in the spring.

JALE'NA – Age 13 / 8th Grade, but is taking a few high school courses. She has found her place at Lifelight Youth Theatre this year, where she takes voice and drama. She performed in a musical this summer and debuted in a 1940s radio presentation of It's A Wonderful Life in December. Her big spring presentation will the days right after Memorial Day when she will dance and sing in Mary Poppins. She is also still dancing at a local studio and taking ballet and recently changed classes to the Advanced Ballet class just a week before Christmas break, which meant she performed at a short Christmas presentation for the parents with a dance she had only been shown about a half-hour prior to the show.


ELIANA – Age 9 / 4th Grade – Our rapidly growing youngest has joined her sister in Lifelight Youth Theater where she will also be part of the dancing/singing cast in Mary Poppins, as a penguin. Eliana takes ballet and voice at Lifelight. She also continues to have a love for elephants. We've always known that she loves to paint but recently discovered that she also really has an eye for art and enjoys drawing.

We hope this Christmas finds you well and happy and that the new year brings you much joy! Please stay in touch with us on Facebook (as ourselves, except for Eliana), or at any of the following:

www.johnscottmusician.com  - John's Cell (314) 302-0073 - Johnscottmusician@gmail.com Tere's Cell (314) 302-0074 – Or, Skype Tere Scott - TereJScott@gmail.com Twitter @Jalenagraham or @Johnscottmusic Graham's YouTube channel, Google+, and Twitter - @Radfordhound


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  1. Wonderful pictures of my favorite family :) Great memories made this year! Julie