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Thursday, March 31, 2016

And God Said - Morning Coffee With God Samuel, Saul and King David

Every morning, before my household wakes up, it's just me and a cup of coffee sitting in my window seat reading the Word of God. I used to have my favorite little, hand-sized Bible that I highlighted to death. I had a different color code for different meanings. Green was things that related to man, Yellow was praise worthy things, and another color was used to represent words that Jesus actually said as well as attributes of God.

I used these color coding systems to transfer all of the characteristics of God into a 3-ring notebook onto paper. I still have these tucked away, and it really helped me during some trying years to be able to pray using these attributes of God.

Today, I have the Bible on an app on my phone. Since I don't know all of the little extras that this app probably does, like highlighting, I simply take a screenshot when something jumps out at me during reading.

Here are some that jumped out at me for one reason or another.

It struck me as interesting that God will pour out his prophesying Spirit on whomever He desires.

This reminded me of an old song. I believe it was sung by Keith Green. It went something like... "To obey is better than sacrifice. I don't want your money or prayers of ice..."

First, it's hard to get the Veggie Tales rendition of this scene out of my head. Second, it struck me that David wasn't used to all the pomp and "the right" way of doing things. He wanted to do it the way he was used to doing it. This also hit me that I often do things that are avant garde, and in learning, so do my children. I have always believed that it's better to do it the way that feels natural to you or your child and not to put on pretenses.

THE BATTLE IS THE LORD'S!  Also, check it out - David RAN TOWARD THE BATTLE LINE. He did not cower.

David and his men were right there behind Saul while he was relieving himself inside a cave. Instead of killing Saul, they cut off a piece of his robe to show Saul that they could have killed him, but they instead spared his life.

I love this first part of the passage, because it shows the beauty of a woman submitting herself. The passage goes on to describe Abigail as beautiful and brilliant in mind. She was no low life dummy, yet she submitted herself in a bow and became his wife. This is a beautiful picture of what submission truly is. It is not one lording over another but more about one who could lord over the other in brilliance and beauty, choosing instead to humble herself for service.

I love how David speaks up here for what is right. No greed, no selfishness at this point in his life. 

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