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Friday, May 6, 2016

Morning Coffee With God - Overflowing Provision

Yesterday, when I was reading with just me, my cup of coffee and my God, a portion of scripture jumped out at me.  It was the account of Elisha the prophet and a woman who had two sons and had just lost her husband. She feared the creditors would come and take everything she had with no way to provide finances for her and her sons.

A few things jump out at me: First, Elisha didn't just hand her the money - POOF! You're debt free. No, he first asked her what she had. It just so happens that she did have something. No, it wasn't enough to provide for her and her two sons in and of itself, but she did have something little as it may have been. She had some oil.

Next, Elisha told her to go ask her neighbors for jars. While, this strikes me as almost a forerunner to a GoFundMe account, her neighbors had to forfeit very little to help. All they had to do was hand over their empty jars.

Finally, Elisha told her to pour the oil and fill the jars and then sell it to pay off her debt.

The oil kept flowing until all of her jars were filled....  Of course, it makes me wonder if the neighbors had given more jars would the oil have kept flowing even more. But, she had what she needed.

This gives me hope in our current financial situation. I have been praying, asking where is my oil, where do I get the jars I need to fill them...What can I sell? I know God will answer and provide.

Here are some other tidbits that jumped out at me along the way as well:

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