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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Disney Alligator Attack From A Different Perspective

I don't typically blog about current events. First, I usually find them devastating and nothing I want to talk or think about. Second, I usually find them controversial to which I would rather maintain my friendships and relationships with others over shattering that due to an opinion one way or the other. But, this story somehow has touched me more than most.

Maybe, it's because when we made our once-in-a-lifetime trip in 2012, for which I'm sure we are still paying for in interest on credit cards, it was a magical place. It seemed as if nothing bad could possibly happen at Disney.

Having said that, I am not naive. I realize bad things can happen, and we did survey our surroundings to the point of choosing not to enter the waters near the resort we stayed in due to the possibility of alligators being there. Then again, I'm not from the south so have very little understanding about such matters. But, my hubby noticed people jet skiing in the waters and wondered how that was safe. I'm thankful for his insight.

Still, what happened this week at Disney had me grasping for hope. It had me hoping I had not heard the news. It made me want the news to somehow not be reality. And, I'm sure my mind went to figuring out how it could have happened. Sometimes, this comes off as judging others, but sometimes, it's merely a way of grasping at hope that it couldn't possibly be real in an effort to find a reason and blame someone for the event. Apparently, social media's response rushed to immediately shaming the parents. Admittedly, sometimes this is probably a necessary response.

In this case, however, this post from a woman I don't even know said it well. If you are not familiar with alligators, and you're thinking this is a man-made lake, and you're thinking there are no signs about alligators, and you're thinking, it said "No swimming", not "alligators will attack". Put yourself in the frame of mind that you are also on vacation, and you are on vacation at the happiest place in the world that gives the illusion of paradise. Maybe, you still think this would not have happened to you, but I admit that even as a parent who almost always had my children in my arms or within arm's reach, I can see that I may have felt comfortable allowing them to wade on the shore of this resort's beach. Though, I will also admit that at the age of 2, they would have also been wearing their bulky floaties vests. Still, but by the grace of God go I and a bunch of other parents.

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