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Monday, August 15, 2016

Where's Peara? Osh Kosh Menominee Edition

Peara is our travel mascot. We acquired her years ago when my sister-in-law was clearing out her kids' old toys. We turned her into our travel mascot and take pictures with her posed at interesting travel spots wherever we go.

Today's journey, was to a park where learning to spell the name is a Language Arts lesson in and of itself.


Yes, she needs to be stitched up. We look forward every year to taking the miniature train ride in Menominee Park in Osh Kosh. The train has been around for decades and only costs about a dollar to ride.

Peara had an elephant friend along for the ride this time, compliments of my elephant-loving daughter.

The mini train makes its way around a track that encircles a little lake area where you can canoe, kayak, or water bike.

In the Menominee Park is the Osh Kosh zoo. The zoo is free on a donation only entrance. It's a small zoo, but sweet and really pretty. 

Yes, that's a real-live turtle. I think the sign said it's a Russian turtle.

Beautiful scenery.

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