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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

My High School Freshman's First Day Back To School

Yes - I have two other children who started school today, but I'm going to focus first on my new high schooler. Hopefully, I'll get time to write about my 4th grader and High School Junior as well, but for now, the focus is on my middle child. By the way, the day went very well for the 4th grader as well and my unschooling High School Junior didn't fight me when I explained that I want him to give me a bit more focused learning this year in addition to his self-directed studies.

So, it was a good day!

Today, we started back to school officially. Yes, I know it sound late in the year to get started, but we technically began school on the road during our 5-week tour with my hubby. My children each began their school year with at least 14 hours of history under their belts thanks to a two-day trip to the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Historic Village. If you haven't been there, it's amazing. Make time to go. It may be the only reason to plan a trip to the Detroit area, but it's worth it.

I normally do first day of school pics on the technical starting day as well as the official one. But, today we just dove right in. Here's how she looked on her first technical day of school back in August:


Anyway, back to the subject at hand....  She officially started high school today, even though she was already taking high school level courses in 8th Grade. So, how did the day go?

Quite well actually, even though it seemed long in some ways.

She began with Geometry from Bob Jones and was happy to leave Algebra behind for awhile.

She moved into English Comp 10 from Rod and Staff, which is as high as their curriculum goes, but we have found it to be such a good curriculum. She has been using it since the beginning of time.

Next, she dove into a study on the Constitution, written by a senator for whom I used to work at a local law firm many moons ago.

She followed this up with more study in English Composition with Non-Fiction Writing for High Schoolers by Sharon Watson.

For science this year, she is tackling a college level Physical Science course which is off the beaten path of our usual Christian-based science courses, but I think it will work out ok since it is not overtly evolution based, and I feel she is grounded enough to handle it even if it were.

Next, she began her new French course - Getting Started With French from Armfield Academic Press. So far, she loves it!

She finished her day with a Logic course from Memoria Press. I think this was her least favorite of the day, but it was also at the end and included a DVD presentation for this girl who much prefers learning through reading.

So, all things considered, I think the first day went quite well.

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