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Friday, March 24, 2017

Weekly Wrapup - More Radiation Hospital Teen Permit Driving and Oh Yeah School

I cannot believe it is the end of another week. But, here we are. My week began with a little girl feeling under the weather and ended with me and my little girl with fevers. In between, we had a week.

My dad's radiation treatments begin April 5 and will continue until May 19. I pray he is strong enough to endure the 33 treatments and that I didn't give him my ailment to slow things down even more.

Monday was another full day of theater and dance for my oldest, but my youngest didn't feel well. So, she stayed home. Tuesday brought us a full day of school, but Wednesday had me down at the hospital with my dad, follow up surgery appointment and radiation simulation for him. I made it home late in the afternoon and began to feel bad. Spent the next day with a fever and the night sleeping out in the living room with my youngest who was having asthmatic reactions. I believe this all started from my husband who had a guitar student show up with "non-contagious" bronchitis. If someone says they are non-contagious, don't believe them.

Thankfully, my other two children are so far showing no signs of sickness. So, my husband took my daughter out driving a couple times. On Friday, she actually drove on the small highway K and up the steep hill to the library and then around another small highway N around a sharp curve. SHE DID IT! That was a big accomplishment. I'm thankful my husband has taken her while i couldn't.

And, permit driving

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