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Monday, April 17, 2017

Gluten-Free, Candy-Free, Allergy-Free Easter Egg Hunt With Puzzles

Every Easter since my oldest was able to walk, we have had our own family Easter egg hunt at home. I remember the time when I was able to use the candy they got at a church egg hunt and sneak them into the family egg hunt at home with them unaware. Those days are long gone. My youngest is now 10, and I didn't even know if the teens would still want to hunt eggs.

But, they did!

My oldest daughter had a great idea, though, as we discussed how we would do the hunt. They all agreed that they had more than enough candy, so the idea was to get a puzzle that was Easter themed and hide the pieces inside the eggs.

After the hunt, we would come together as a family to put together the puzzle.

I started by looking for a puzzle that was Easter themed. All I could find was one with a sunrise, to represent the rising from the tomb. I got a 500 piece puzzle.

I got each child a small Easter basket with candy they had requested and hid tin-roil-wrapped eggs for them to find and redeem for the baskets.

it was a great idea, but we did not finish the puzzle. I think next year, I'll get fewer pieces.

After the puzzle, we did the Resurrection Eggs that tell the story of the resurrection.

Of course, we had started the day off earlier by going to church, this year with grandparents, and taking our traditional pictures by the tree.

And, we watched the Veggie Tales Easter Carol.

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